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Madrid Sets To Arrest, Allege Former Catalan Leader With Criminal Charges


Thousands have participated in one of the biggest solidarity walks found in Barcelona since the Catalonia emergency started. Also, the message by a few was “send Puigdemont to imprison” !

Madrid is said to consider doing only that with reports that it is getting ready to charge the district’s sacked pioneer with disobedience.

Later on there were a few conflicts with what seems to have been far-right components yet in general the rally by Catalonia’s purported noiseless dominant part was to a great extent quiet.



David d’Enterria *X @denterd

Spanish nationalists attack @elnacionalcatEN journalists during march against #Catalonia‘s independence in Barcelona. Open your eyes, Europe

Political parties opposing a split by Catalonia from Spain are said to have a slight lead in opinion polls published on Sunday.

Out reporter in Barcelona Francisco Fuentes said the huge march in favour of the unity of Spain marks the beginning of an intense week. “On the political we will see how the Catalan pro- independence parties will react to the Madrid takeover and on the judicial, there are the first steps being taken against those responsible for the unilateral declaration of independence.”

Carles Puigdemont is refusing to be sacked and says he will go to work as usual today. he is also calling for peacefull opposion to Madrid’s direct rule which is imposed on Friday (Oct 27)

Puigdemont had been expected to attend a football match in Girona which saw the local side beat Real Madrid, who Spain’s Prime Minister supports.

Although not making an appearance he took to Twitter to say “Girona’s victory against one of the greatest team in the world was an symbol for many other situations”.




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