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Madagascar Launches ‘Covid Organics’ Drink to Cure and Prevent Coronavirus

President of Madagascar Andry Rajoelina samples the miracle anti-coronavirus drink.

Madagascar has launched a drink that it believes will serve as a remedy to prevent coronavirus infection and also cure it.

President Andry Rajoelina unveiled the drink in Antananarivo on Monday and drank a container of the beverage called “Covid Organics” or “CVO”.

The remedy is believed to be effective against the virus, Rajoelina said, speaking in Malagasy at the launch of the product in the capital Antananarivo.

According to Rajoelina, the product strengthens the body’s immune system.

Rajoelina shared images of the product on his social media page.

The country’s Institute, Malgache de Recherches Appliquées (IMRA) produced the drink from the local plant, Artemisia annua or sweet wormwood. It is a green leafy plant that emits a striking odor and is also used for malaria.

Dried leaves from the plant are considered  to have medicinal properties in Madagascar. But there is no evidence to show it actually works against COVID-19.


It was not clear if the drink is supposed to act as a cure or a vaccine. However, Rajoelina revealed that coronavirus patients are being treated with the drink and students would have to drink it in order to return to school as a form of preventive measure.

He also said the product will be made available for free to the poor.


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