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Macron Replies An Algerian: “But You Never Knew Colonization, Look At The Future”

On an official visit to Algeria, Emmanuel Macron was questioned by a young man who wanted to discuss with him the question of France’s colonial past. The subject has obviously irritated the head of the French state who advised not without emotion to his young interlocutor, who did not know the colonization, to look rather towards the future.

“France must assume its  colonial past  vis-à-vis Algeria”, is the sentence that a young Algerian addressed to the French President went this Wednesday, November 6 in contact with the Algerian population, during his displacement in this country of North Africa

Emmanuel Macron’s response that his country had assumed him for a long time obviously did not satisfy his interlocutor who tried to say that France “avoided …”, but the head of state cut him the word saying, “Who avoids what? I avoid something. I avoid coming to see you? I avoid saying what happened? ”


The French leader then recalled that this stage of history was not limited to the atrocious things that some had done and that there were also people who had lived stories of love in Algeria and that there was Frenchmen who loved “still terribly” this country of the Maghreb and who had “done beautiful things”.

“We have this story between us, but I am not a prisoner,” asserted the President before asking his age to his interlocutor.

“But you never knew colonization! What do you come to confuse me with that! “Added Mr. Macon in a slightly edgy tone, insisting that the new generation should look forward to the future.

But the story has spilled over the Web where Internet users have not missed the opportunity to comment on the French President ‘s comments on Algeria , or rather the verb “confuse” he used.

Others recalled that it was precisely Emmanuel Macron who had raised the question of colonization during his campaign.


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