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LS Telcom Announces Sale Of Spectrum Monitoring Systems To Liberia

LS Telcom, Inc., a worldwide leader in Spectrum Management and Spectrum Monitoring Solutions, has announced the installation of multiple LS OBSERVER sensor-based monitoring stations for the Liberian Telecommunications Authority (LTA).

The purchase of the systems was facilitated through the non-governmental organization (NGO) NetHope as part of a USAID technology package for the country. Following the Ebola crisis in 2014-2015, improvement in communications was identified as a top priority for the country.

Working together with USAID, NetHope selected LS telcom as the superior technology solution for LTA’s requirements. LS OBSERVER technology provides LTA with the foundation of spectrum monitoring capabilities including identification of spectrum conflicts, identification of free spectrum, isolation of dead zones in coverage, and locating rogue networks.

“We are very pleased to have this new capability. As I consider radiofrequency a scarce resource for Liberia, the LS OBSERVER monitoring stations will allow our team to fully optimize spectrum policy and increase the enforcement capability at LTA, “said Henry W. Benson, Commissioner for Engineering & Technology at the LTA,” This Technology is a key part of our mission to improve communications for our country. ”


“LS Telcom is excited to be part of the USAID technology deployment in the African region. As the pace of spectrum management accelerates, regulators need to be equipped with the proper tools and capabilities to stay ahead, “said Casey Joseph, Vice President of Sales and Business Development,” With the LS OBSERVER stations in place, LTA is positioned to modernize their spectrum management capability throughout the country. ”

As the African continent deploys next generation wireless networks, regulators must maintain pace with the required capabilities to monitor and regulate activity. The LS OBSERVER monitoring system delivers state of the art sensor-based monitoring capabilities across the commercial spectrum.

Available in fixed and portable versions, the LS OBSERVER is ideal for regulators to monitor, establish and maintain a spectrum inventory or support spectrum inventory activities, and enforce spectrum usage policies and procedures. As the value of spectrum continues to increase, LS OBSERVER can also be used to identify areas of unused spectrum that can be reallocated and licensed for future use.

The technology package is being delivered to Liberia through NetHope, the leading technology NGO in the region. The monitoring systems are part of a larger USAID recovery package for the country.


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