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‘In Loving Memory, Harambe 1999-2016’ People Gather to Pay Tribute to Gorilla Shot Dead

Hundreds of ‘mourners’ yesterday gathered at the Zoo where Harambe the 17 year old Gorilla was shot dead, to mourn over his death, branding it a ‘senseless death’ . A bronze gorilla statue was created in the zoo where the mourners dropped flowers and paid their tributes to the gorilla who lived an ‘innocent life’ until his ‘brutal’ death. More photos below.



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  1. We can’t keep them as controllable house pets we thought this was sinking in after the lives lost with some of sea worlds staff and the orca’s but here is another disaster. I know that there are some that are to far gone to ever be released in the wild again man has held them captive far to long but they need to sue these companies out of business and take the proceeds of what’s left to build sanctuaries and pay staff to take care of them as well as volunteers willing to work for college credits towards their degrees and if schools or tourist would still choose to come see the animals housed in the sanctuaries then they would do so at their own risk only staff would warrant the death of them and that would be a last resort but we all know that mankind is still way to selfish for that the animals are enjoyed for years of their life against their will and when there is no more use for them (money profiteering) they are eventually killed even if it is a slow death they are not our pets…

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