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Loved By Few, Hated By Many, Here’s The Revealed Luxurious Life Lived By Cuba’s Leader Fidel Castro

Cherished and detested both alike, you need to concede Fidel Castro was a standout amongst the most compelling world pioneers of the previous century.

Castro is said to have lived on $25 a month, portrayed excursions and occasions as “middle class,” and lived in an angler’s cabin, while the main extravagance he permitted himself were the Cuban stogies he beyond all doubt adored. In fact, Castro carried on with a mystery life of extravagance, while whatever is left of his nation endured many years of destitution under his run.

As per a book, The Double Life of Fidel Castro, Castro was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Rather than owning a little angler’s hovel some place on the drift, Castro claimed twenty properties all through the Caribbean.

Fidel’s Wife, Dalia Soto del Valle

Castro’s family was kept away from the private eye. This included a wife that no one knew about until recently, Dalia, and his five sons, who all have names that start with “A”: Alexis, Alex, Alejandro, Antonio, and Angelito. Not even Castro’s brother, Raul, knew about or met his nephews until they were already adults.

On top of this, it’s come to light that Castro has had at least three other children with mistresses, including longtime mistress, Juanita. We say “at least” here because Castro is said to have been a womanizer, who had many mistresses and affairs over the years with actresses, prostitutes, and dancers.

For example, Natalia Revuelta, a cardiologist’s wife, gave him a daughter whom he named Alina (there’s definitely a pattern occurring with the names). Alina later escaped Cuba to start a new life in America. She managed to escape the country secretly, wearing a wig and carrying a fake Spanish passport.

Natalia Revuelta, Castro’s Mistress
Image Source: The Sheet
Fidel’s Daughter Alina

Famous for his issues, Castro earned himself the epithet “the Horse,” and, as indicated witnesses, he kept his armed force boots on at all times, on account of his days of being a progressive guerrilla.

As indicated by the book, Castro would wake at around early afternoon consistently, and go on a shimmering new speedboat. He possessed a private island, Cayo Piedra, where he would engage renowned visitors and hotshot tidal ponds loaded with turtles and dolphins. How could he arrive? Castro clearly possessed a 88 foot, extravagance yacht.

Castro likewise claimed a Havana home with a housetop rocking the bowling alley back road, an individual healing facility, an ocean side estate with a pool, and his own frozen yogurt manufacturing plant, which was situated in Punto Cero, the compound at which his significant other and children lived. It was likewise helpfully the base camp for his torment and observation.

While the rest of the country starved and ration food, Castro sourced his groceries from locals, or ate luxurious snacks provided to him by friends overseas. For all of his dairy needs, he had his own cow, and so did each of his children.

With Castro gone, a fact that has had Cubans in the States celebrating, it is possible that more will be revealed regarding how Castro lied to and tricked the Cuban nation, and the book is probably just the beginning.

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