A Lot Of Black People Are Full Of S**t – Charles Barkley

What do you think about Charles Barkley? Not Charles Barkley the former NBA Basketball Player, but Charles Barkley, the NBA analyst. Let’s face it – Charles Barkley, the NBA analyst has a lot to say. Sometimes he makes sense, and other times, his comments seem quite outlandish.

Is it fair to say when an individual is given a microphone and a public platform to speak, they have a responsibility to educate, empower, and inform? It’s not a time for ranting on issues that make no sense. Wait a minute – what makes no sense to some will make perfect sense to someone else.

Because Barley is a public figure, one would assume that he cares about what comes out of his mouth. Well, that’s not necessarily true. In an article published in Bossip, Barkley was interviewed by The Shadow League as to whether he cares about Blacks questioning his blackness.

Here’s Barkley’s response:


“I don’t worry about that. Listen, my track record speaks for itself. The one thing I’ve learned as a Black man is everytime I say something that is not 100 percent in agreement with the Black community there’s a faction that goes crazy. I don’t care about that. People say to me ‘Man, did you just give a million dollars to a Historically Black College?”

“I say ‘Yeah.’ And they say ‘Well, why didn’t you tell anybody?’ and I say ‘I’m not trying to impress those co**s*ckers.’ I just gave Morehouse, Clark Atlanta and Alabama A&M in Huntsville. A million dollars to help black kids go to college. I just gave Auburn two million to recruit black kids. I’m good with my blackness. Listen, man, one thing I understand about being black and famous is a lot of black people are full of sh**. I’m good with that.”

Did you think Barkley is right?


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