How To Lose Weight Fast And Easy With The Japanese Morning Banana Diet

Have you ever believed that dieting with banana can be very successful and easy? What do you need to do? Just take a banana every morning and drink water. This simple recipe will help you to lose about 10 pounds in a week. Very important, you don’t have to do anything special to achieve that – just eat one banana in the morning, a ritual that we believe is tasty for you, however.

Hitoshi Watanabe made this secret popular regimen in his book “The morning banana diet regimen. This suggestion is the best actually to those who don’t want to waste time on running, sweating, and giving some big efforts to lose the extra weight. Very important, one should eat one banana and drink water in the morning, but not to eat anything else until lunch time.


Bananas have resistant starch that helps the loss of pounds. Japanese people believe that you shouldn’t eat too much or overeat yourself.

It is the perfect situation not to drink cold water in the morning. It is proven that warm water especially drunk in the morning, can stimulate the metabolic process.


It is definitely better to start your day with a banana and water, than with a cup of coffee.

Bananas have a lot of fiber, they boost energy and have the important potassium. Bananas don’t cost us too much; you can find them everywhere. The routine breakfast makes your metabolism better and that way you are going to lose the wish to eat more during the day.


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