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Los Angeles!!! Inside Satanic Temple Where Massive Destruction And Rituals Take Place!! (Photos)

A six-hour “black mass” was celebrated Saturday in Los Angeles.

The event was organized by the local chapter of the U.S. Satanic Temple.

People attended dressed in costumes.

The Los Angeles Satanic Temple performed last Saturday a six-hour massive “black mass”, the largest event they have ever organized.

The performance showed drawing and tattoo sessions as well as live music. The attendees also listened to a lecture about demonic cats, which has given by Dr Paul Koudounaris, an occult expert who has also researched sexual encounters between living and dead people.

The black mass also counted with destruction, invocation and bloodletting rituals. Satanic Temple claims it does not actually spread the belief in Satan, but rather preaches “practical common sense and justice”. It has 24 chapters in the U.S.

The organization’s headquarters are based in Salem, Massachusetts, and they call themselves a religion. Guests, who arrived dressed in costumes, paid US $66.60 for VIP tickets, and US $15 for normal ones. The collected funds will go towards the organization’s activities.



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