Looking For Black People In South Korea? Join These Facebook Groups!

So far I’ve been in South Korea for less than a week and I’ve met new Black people almost every single day! Of course I’ve also met some amazing non-Black people, but considering that I thought I wouldn’t find any people who looked like me, I’m pretty excited. Some encounters were purely random, but most were because of the magic of…..Facebook groups! If you’re a bit nervous that you won’t be able to connect and find other Black people don’t worry. Just join these groups!


Ah, the famous BSSK (Brothers&Sisters of South Korea). Every single Black person I’ve met here ends up being a member of this group. With over 7000 members, it’s the largest group I’ve found for Black people in South Korea. The vast number of posts in BSSK makes it a great group for getting technical questions answered, having passionate discussions about culture and race, finding others to meet up with and more. If you plan on teaching or living in South Korea you NEED to be in this group. They have an answer for every question you may think to ask.

2. Natural Beauty in Korea

Want to live, work, or learn in South Korea but worried about how you’ll manage your natural hair? Join Natural Beauty in Korea! This 3000+ member group is a great place for finding hair products, hair stylists and head wraps for sale. There are more Black hair options in South Korea, in Itaewon (an area in Seoul) in particular, than you would think.

3. Black Women Dating in Korea

I believe this is a newer group, and from what I’ve seen it seems to be more of a support group for Black women than anything else. So if you want to share dating stories, funny memes, and female empowerment, join this group!

4. Black in Korea

Of course I’ve got to promote my own group! Black in Korea is a positive place for Black people who live in and travel to South Korea, or who just love Korean pop culture. We share our blog posts, stories, ask questions and more. The goal of this group is to have fun!

Of course while traveling you want to meet new people and experience new things but it never hurts to see a face that looks like you. Whenever you need some quality brotha or sista time, check out these groups!

Source: Blackinkorea

Written by How Africa News

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