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Liz Truss’ parents, Background, Hometown, siblings

Prime Minister Liz Truss won the leadership election against Rishi Sunak on Monday (September 5) – and she has got right to work.

After getting the official go-ahead from Queen Elizabeth II, the new PM has begun her Cabinet reshuffle.

Some of the notable sackings include Former Deputy PM Dominic Raab, and new appointments include Therese Coffey as Secretary of Health and Suella Braverman as the new Home Secretary.

With a mountain in front of her as the new PM – from the cost of living to climate change – it’s going to be a busy few months for Liz Truss.

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But who is the new PM when she’s not on the job? The public love to know their leaders, from their educational background and families, so let’s take a look at who Liz Truss’ parents are and whether she has any siblings…

Who are Liz Truss’ parents?

Ms Truss was born in Oxford, England in July 1975 to mum Priscilla Mary and dad John Kenneth Truss.

Liz Truss and mum Priscilla Truss attended a campaign event together in July 2022 (Picture: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

The family moved to Paisley, in Scotland, when Ms Truss was aged four, and as a child she moved again Leeds (where she attended Roundhay School, which she has famously commented on).

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Her dad became an Emeritus Professor of Pure Mathematics at the University of Leeds – while mum Priscilla has worked as a nurse and teacher, as well as been a member of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND).

Ms Truss has previously said she was raised in a ‘left wing’ household.

As a young girl in the 1980s she was taken to protests against Tory PM Margaret Thatcher’s government.

Ms Truss later became a Liberal Democrat – championing the party as leader of its society during her time at the University of Oxford. But in 1996, she joined the Conservatives.

In 2009,The Guardian reported her parents were ‘aghast’ by the decision to turn blue, with Ms Truss saying: ‘I was brought up in a very left wing household.

‘My mum was in the CND and my dad’s a university maths lecturer. One of his colleagues sent an email when he found out saying: ‘I see your daughter’s become a T***’.

She added: ‘I didn’t know any Tories at my school [in Leeds]. All my teachers were Labour supporters.’

Flash forward to the present day, and according to the Express, a colleague of Professor Truss alleged that he was left ‘appalled’ by his daughter’s ‘conversion to extreme right wing politics’.

Asked if her parents would vote for her in a General Election, Ms Truss herself told The Times: ‘Well, I think my mum will, I’m not sure about my dad… She is very proud of me. She still harbours her old views.

Does Liz Truss have siblings?

Liz Truss has three younger brothers, according to a 2019 feature on her by You magazine.

Ms Truss also has a family of her own with husband Hugh O’Leary, who is an accountant.

The couple, who have been together since 1997 and married since 2000, share two daughters: Frances, 16, and 13-year-old Liberty.

Not much is known about them, as it appears their parents have opted to keep them away from the public eye – though Ms Truss did bring Liberty on the campaign trail recently.

‘On foreign policy they don’t share my views, I think it’s fair to say. They don’t share my views on [public spending or tax] either.’



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