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Liverpool Apologize to Patrice Evra 8 Years After A Racist Act by Luis Suarez

The former French international revealed that he had received a letter in which the English club apologized for having supported at the time their attacker, Luis Suarez, author of racist insults against him during a match. 

Premier League leaders Liverpool have apologized to former Manchester United defender Patrice Evra for the way they have handled the racist abuse of their former striker Luis Suarez.

Liverpool apologize to Patrice Evra 8 years after after a racist act by Luis Suarez

 After the dispute between the two in 2011, Suarez, who now plays for Barcelona, ​​was suspended from eight matches and a fine of 47,000 euros.

Instead of convicting the Uruguayan striker for racial abuse of a player, Liverpool players wore t-shirts supporting Suarez after the incident.

Liverpool Apologize to Patrice Evra 8 Years After After a Racist Act by Luis Suarez | How Africa News

 In October of last year, Evra spoke at length about the incident and criticized the club for supporting Suarez, but Jamie Carragher apologized to Evra as the two worked together on Sky Sports as experts.
After talking about the ordeal, Evra has now revealed that it had received a letter of apology from Liverpool CEO Peter Moore.

 Speaking on Sky Sports, Evra said: “I’m glad Jamie Carragher has apologized. I received a personalized letter from Peter Moore and I was very touched. ”

“He said he hoped it was not too late because the incident was almost nine years ago. I thanked him warmly. I was disappointed that Liverpool supported him but now I see that real and honest people work for this club, “reacted Evra.

 “Three days after the show. I was like thank you very much, it really touches my heart. but I was really disappointed for so long about a big club like Liverpool supporting such a cause. ”

Liverpool Apologize to Patrice Evra 8 Years After After a Racist Act by Luis Suarez | How Africa News

“I was really happy but I said,” I still hope you don’t win the league! three months ago. It was really important to me and even if there is a big rivalry between us but it showed that Liverpool is a first class club. ”

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