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Live in a Hot Place, See How to Keep Yourself Cool using a Natural Air Conditioner System

A great number of people around the world live in very hot zones. Out of these people a significant number cannot afford to keep themselves cool. To these people you can not even talk about such luxuries we take for granted: electricity, internet, running water, or even regular supplies of food and clean water. The unbearable heat of summer temperatures in some of these places is crippling. But their situation is not without hope!

More than 28,000 people live in a tiny area called Daulatdia in Bangladesh. They are cramped in small huts with no running water and temperatures outside and inside can rise above 113º F.

how to keep cool

Something had to be done, so they’ve come up with the first electricity-free air conditioning.

natural aircon system

It’s made of one piece of sturdy cardboard and a series of recycled plastic bottles. The bottoms and necks of the bottles are cut away and then stuck into a series of holes cut into the board.

keep yourself cool in hot areas

Once all the bottles are in place, the board is placed in front of a door or window. The cooling effects are immediate.


hot place

Hot air enters the bottles from the outside and then sends cooler air out of the thinner neck. The principle is similar to the effect when you exhale into your hand with an open mouth or with pursed lips. Feel the difference for yourself!

the cooling system

This simple solution can cool an indoor space by more than 10º F. What a relief for the people who experience extreme temperatures day in, day out.

teaching a cooling system

Countless villages have already started using the simplest air conditioning in the world.

family cooling system

Here’s a video that shows exactly how the system works:

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