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How To Live and Grow Old in Good Health – 5 Simple Steps

Living till eternity remains one of the major aspirations of all humanity – a yearning which has over the years been translated to block-buster movies and memorable folktales. But in any case, as we go by the fantasy of living forever, we may want to know that there remain a handful of senior folks who are actually living the dream of turning a 100 years old and beyond.

Though the journey to hitting the 100 year old mark remains diverse and complicated, you may want to consider the top five simple steps by which this dream could be achieved thus only if you wish to make it to the World’s records of the oldest human ever to have lived.

1. Drink Two Full Glasses Of Warm Water First Thing Every Morning

It would amaze you the health benefits of gulping two glasses  of water first thing in the morning before brushing your teeth. In fact, this act, also known as ”water therapy” has been documented to be the everlasting cure to most of the world’s chronic diseases which have been argued to be caused by the mere lack of water in your system. Water therapy clears the colon, preventing colon cancers ; prevents you from having heart diseases, boosts your immune system, tones down your muscles, refreshes your mind, glows your skin, prevents kidney stones…the list goes on and on.

2. Never Sit For 12 hours A Day

Sedentary jobs, although satisfying have been documented to be the leading cause of all of the world’s troubling chronic diseases; Heart Disease, Diabetes, just name it. To be frank, physiologists have warned that all who sit for 12 hours a day with less activity are 70 to 80 percent more at risk of dying prematurely. If you find yourself in such a sedentary job you may want to consider walking around your office every hour or better still stretching your body for the best of blood circulation.


3. Eat More Leafy Vegetables

Our grandparents will always tell us that life is in the mystery of the green leaf…and that’s absolutely true. In fact, it has been seen that vegetarians live much longer than those who stick to the consumption of meat. So how do we make this work? First of all, you will have to start introducing much vegetables to your meals (Green leafy vegetables). If possible, going completely organic in the mornings stays the most excellent way of achieving this  feat of living over a 100. Greens are medicine to our bodies. They wash out the toxins from our blood, act as anti-oxidants, provide all the basic nutrients we ever need and most of all acts as the best anti-ageing resort.

4. Exercise 

The good old excersice stays as one of the best ways to keep fit. You may not have the means to sign up to the gym – but no need for that. Nature has given us the lee-way to use all the wide array of land for you to have your morning jogs and aerobics other than spending lots of money to gym owners. Exercise is medicine both to the body and soul as it gives you the chance of communicating with nature and appreciating its beauty.

5. Staying Positive

Psychologists have revealed that over 50 percent of persons suffering from depression and other mental illnesses are less likely to live a longer life. Think of the suicide, self harm and self rejection and the effect(s) they have on their victims. Having a social life and always remaining positive and grateful. The mind always responds to a possible mindset so keep keep remaining positive and trust me, you would live longer as never expected.


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