Listeria Outbreak Scare: Kenya Joins Neighboring Countries In The Ban Of SA Meat Products

Kenya’s health ministry on Tuesday announced a ban on the import and sale of certain South African processed meat products after a listeria outbreak that has killed at least 180 people.Kenya is the first nation in east Africa to ban ready-to-eat meat products from South Africa that include polony – sliced ham and Frankfurter-style sausages.

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“In order to ensure the health of the public is protected and as a precautionary measure you are required to stop the importation and sale of these products” and recall those already on sale, the health ministry wrote in a note to country health officers.

Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Swaziland and Zimbabwe have also blocked the import of the products, including those made by the Enterprise factory, owned by Tiger Brands – which was pinpointed as the source of the outbreak – and others made by Rainbow Chickens.
At least 180 have died, according to official figures.

The United Nations has previously said South Africa’s listeriosis outbreak is believed to be the largest-ever worldwide.

The infection mainly affects children and has a three-week incubation period, making it difficult to track.

Contamination in humans – especially those with compromised immune systems – can result in flu-like illness, infection of the bloodstream and, in severe cases, infection of the brain which can prove fatal.

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