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LISTED: 7 Male Celebrities Who Advocate Endlessly For The Cause Of Women

2018 marks a turning point and more and more people are committed to gender equality. We do not talk much about it, but men are also feminists. And in this article, we introduce you to the male celebrities who advocate for gender in the world.

NB: the list is not exhaustive


We do not talk much about it, but men are also feminists, and among them we find the singer Julien Doré. He does not claim to be a feminist, because it is only lucid for him to want, to treat women as equals.


Actor Will Smith has also claimed to be a feminist. He also passed on his values ​​to his daughter Willow, teaching him to be master of his body and his identity. She also shares her ideas of gender equality on her social networks.


The artist John Legend is one of those men who see themselves as feminists. For him, “all men should be feminists”. In 2013, he participated in the concert for Chime for Change , an association that raises funds for women’s rights.



Mark Ruffalo has made a commitment in the past to women’s rights. Most recently, he participated in the Women’s March in January, and had already published an open letter on abortion, referring to “the dignity a woman has to be mistress of her own life and his body “.


Yves Saint Laurent began the emancipation of women in the 1970s. At a time when the position of women is difficult, Yves Saint Laurent revolutionized the world with his collection with short skirts and the tuxedo he adapts to women. Yves Saint Laurent died on June 1, 2008, in Paris, as a result of cancer.


Prince Harry proved that he supported women and hoped that their power would grow in the future: “There are far too many obstacles between girls and the opportunities they deserve. He says.



The former US president says it loud and clear: he is a feminist. He does not hide the influence of women in his life, between his mother, his grandmother, his wife and his daughters. It is they who have pushed him over the years to make the release of women a project of the first order.


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