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List: Who Is The Richest Musician In The World Right Now? The Top 10

Paul McCartney  and Bono hugs each other during a live performance | Photo credit:
Paul McCartney and Bono hugs each other during a live performance
Music is a very lucrative business and has made many musicians so much money across the world, these musicians have played their game very well in the music business to come out on top. But who exactly is the richest musician in the world right now?

This list of richest musician in the world are set of musicians who have sold millions of album out and have performed in many concerts. Some of them have other business they run aside music that earn them more money. Below is the carefully researched list of the top 10 richest musicians in the world right now and their estimated current net worth.

10. Mariah Carey Net Worth | $580 Million

Mariah Carey aside being a singer she is also a record producer, voice actor, film producer, actress, author, composer and model all this boosted her net worth to be $580 Million

Gorgeous Mariah Cariah lovely smile |Photo credit:

She have sold out millions of copies of her album, she is the best selling female artist in the history of the Billboard charts.  Mariah Carey is now dating a billionaire, James Packer after divorcing her husband of many years Nick Canon.

9.  Jay-Z  Net Worth | $580 Million

Jay-Z is an American famous rapper, actor and a businessman, he has an investments with clothing and record companies. He sold his clothing label Rocawear for $204 million in 2007.

Jay-Z performing in a show | Photo credit:

Jay-Z is one of the world best selling artist and has done endorsement for Chevy, Budweiser, Armadale Vodka and Hewlett Packard. He is also the founder of sports agency Roc Nation Sports and co-owns the 40/40 Club his net worth is estimated to be $580 Million

8. Bono  Net Worth | $610 Million

Bono is from Ireland and started singing since 1976 and has won numerous award since his musical career, he has about 22 Grammy awards and some other awards too.

 U2's Front Man Bono | Photo credit:

Bono is also businessman, philanthropist and a venture capitalist,  the shares he gets from his investment in Facebook skyrocketed his net worth to $610 Million.

7. Céline Dion Net Worth | $630 Million

Celine Dion is regarded as one of pop music’s most influential voices and have sold about 200 million copies of her album worldwide. Celine Dion has won several awards including 5 Grammy Awards.

Celine Dion Taking Chances World Tour photo| Photo credit:

Celine Dion makes millions of dollars from her worldwide and Las Vegas ticket sales shows, she is also the owner of Nickels Restaurant food chain and Celine Dion Parfums, making her net worth a total of  $630 Million

6. P Diddy Net Worth | $700 Million

P. Diddy is an American rapper, actor and a businessman, he started music professionally in 1990. Diddy’s solo debut “Can’t Nobody Hold Me down” was number one for six weeks on Billboard’s hot 100, his net worth is estimated at $700 Million.


P.Diddy looking stylish |Photo credit:

P. Diddy owns a clothing line business called “Sean John”, two restaurants, a male perfume called “I Am King” and has a major equity stake in Revolt TV.

5. Dr. Dre Net Worth | $750 Million

Andre Romelle Young better known as Dr. Dre is the “Richest Man in Hip-Hop” and a six times Grammy Awards winner holder. Dr. Dre owns a brand of headphones called Beats by Dr. Dre.

Dr. Dre, record producer/rapper shows off his new headphones | Photo credit:

In 2014 he sold his Beats by Dr. Dre to technology giant Apple Inc. for $3 billion, making the richest hip hop artist in the world.

4. Madonna Net Worth | $710 Million

Madonna is an American singer but also into film directing, acting and a real estate developer. Her tours have earned an estimated figure of $1.3 billion over the years, her net worth is $710 million.

Madonna is the current richest female musician in the world | Photo credit: Nbc

Madonna owns a fitness centers which is around the world named “Hard Candy Fitness” and a fashion brand called Truth or Dare by Madonna which include footwear, underclothing, and accessories.

3. Herb Alpert Net Worth | $850 Million

Sir Herb Alpert is an American singer and also a recording industry executive, in 1962 Herb founded a record label with Jerry Moss, called A&M records.

Herb Alpert performs onstage during a celebration of Carole Photo by Buckner/Getty Images

They sold A&M records to PolyGram Records for $500 million, Herb have written and recorded several hit songs. In 2007 he won the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, he is also an abstract expressionist painter and sculptor.

2. Andrew Lloyd Webber Net Worth | $880 Million

Andrew Lloyd Webber is an English songwriter, composer and a businessman. He started his musical career since 1965, he has received many awards since then Brit awards, Grammy Awards, Golden Globe Award and so on. The New York Times in 2001 named Webber as “the most commercially successful composer in history.

Andrew Lloyd Webber at the curtain call at the final performance of "Jesus Christ Superstar | Photo credit:

Andrew has a theater company in UK called “The Really Useful Group” is the largest theater operators in the country. He is also the President of the Arts Educational Schools in London, his total net worth stands at $880 Million.

1. Paul McCartney Net Worth | $900 Million

Sir Paul McCartney is named as the most successful songwriter of all time in the Guinness Book of World Records. He is a member of a world renowned group, The Beatles.

Paul McCartney, the richest musician in the world |Photo credit:

Paul McCartney has 60 gold discs and sales of over 100 million albums and 100 million singles, his net worth is estimated at $900 Million. His wife, has a £150m stake in her family’s trucking business in the US, this contributed to his net worth. He is currently the richest musician in the world.


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