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LIST: Top 9 Countries With The Highest Divorce Rate In The World

Separation is getting quicker these days and has developed as a scourge in a few nations over the globe. Aside from some reasons listed below, legal procedures can likewise impact the separation rates of a nation.

As legitimate customs of some of these nations are not difficult to get past, couples get separated effortlessly.

The separation rate is nearing 51%, and as indicated by the reports in the year 2012, almost 650,000 individuals got separated.

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The divorce rate is nearing 51%, and according to the reports in the year 2012, nearly 650,000 people got divorced.

These are some of Reasons for Divorce:

Alcoholism and other unbearable behaviors from either partner

Sub-standard living situations- poverty, living in camped houses

Financial difficulties. 

Inability to compromise


In addition, 40% of the general population living in this piece of the nation are non-religious, thus futile clerical endeavors to annihilate divorce is an extra factor. Ukraine has a separation rate of 42% as the general population get hitched as right on time, yet this makes them difficult to keep up their relational unions.

The projects in the Western Countries especially Europe and American nations are working with the couples to fix their marriages. The leading sign of divorce noted is job stress, financial strains, infidelity, irregular work schedules, etc. However, the law officers in various countries are working towards training the couples in marriage skills by giving them the marital education. The government is also running many programs to decrease the divorce rates that make it possible for the couples to communicate in a healthy manner, solve conflicts mutually, marriage enhancements, providing marriage education to engaged couples and many such programs are making the way for reducing the divorce rates in these countries.

The Countries With Highest Divorce Rates In The World

Rank Country Divorce Rate (per thousand people), 2010
1 Russia 5.00
2 Belarus 3.80
3 Ukraine 3.60
4 Moldova 3.50
5 Cayman Islands 3.40
6 United States 3.40
7 Bermuda 3.30
8 Cuba 3.20
9 Lithuania 3.10

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