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7 Highest Internet Using African Countries; You won’t believe the new #1

Unknowingly the internet is shaping an integral part of our day by day lives. An expanding number of individuals today have access to the internet.

Combined with the portable smartphone insurgency, the internet has turned into a need.

As a promotional instrument, organizations have overhauled their services to the internet. From there they are able to reach a more extensive scope of potential clients.Side by side to the growing rate of internet usage, the continent experiences series of challenges such as affordability, scalability, power outages and education barriers.

Statistics shows that out of the over 1. 2 billion African population, just 335,453,374 have access to the internet. This according to World Internet Statistics translates to 26.9% penetration rate from Africa.

Though there is a noticeable growth in the use of internet in the continent, Africa still lags behind. For instance, North America has an 88.1% penetration rate, Europe has 76.7%, the Middle East has 56.5% while Latin America and the Caribbeans have 59.4%.

Africa adds up about 9.1% of the global Internet usage.

Adding to the host of challenges hindering the growth of internet usage in Africa, African politics in recent times have stalled the development.

Not long ago some African countries like Uganda, Gambia, and Cameroon reportedly shut down internet in order to achieve a variety of political results.

Below are the top 7 highest internet using African Countries:

NOTE that the penetration rate of the individual countries is derived in comparison to the population of the country.

7. Uganda

Internet Penetration Rate: 28.6 %


Uganda is an East African country and the world’s second most populous landlocked country in the world with an estimated population of 41.6 million; of which less than half have access to the internet.

About 12 million Ugandan people have access to the internet which represents about 3.6% of Africa’s total usage.

Recall that during the past Ugandan election, the internet was shut down by the ruling government. However the East African country has a considerable higher rate of internet usage than most African countries.

6. Algeria

 Internet Penetration: 



Algeria is 6th on the list with an estimated 41, 063, 753 population and internet access to 15,000,000 people, which adds 4.5% to Africa’s internet use.

5. Morocco

Internet Penetration: 57.3%


Ranking as the 5th highest internet using African country, the largely Arab nation contributes about 4.5% of the continents total.


In Morocco 20,207,154, out of an estimated population of 35,241,418, have access to the internet. This means that well over half of the country’s population

use the internet.

4. South Africa

Internet Penetration: 51.6%

E-learning-South Africa1

South Africa has an estimated population of 55,436,360 with 28, 580, 290 enjoying internet access. S. A makes up 8.5% of Africa’s total internet usage.

3. Kenya

Internet Penetration: 66%    


Out of an estimated 48,466,928 million people, 31,985,048 Kenyans have access to the internet. Kenya contributes 9.5% of the continents total internet usage.

2. Egypt

Internet Penetration: 36.5%


Egypt has an estimated population of 95,215,102; out of which 34,800,000 have access to the internet. This gives an internet penetration rate of 36.5%. Egypt is Africa’s 2nd highest internet using country for making up 10.4% of the continent’s total.

1. Nigeria

Internet Penetration Rate: 47.9%


Africa’s most populated country, Nigeria has an estimated 191,835,936 people and about 91,880,032 of that population with access to the internet. Nigeria tops the chart as Africa’s highest internet using country for making up 27.4% of the continents total usage.


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