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LIST: Top 6 Ex-Football Stars Who Have Embarked On Another Career That Has No Connection With Sport!! #6 is now a pilot

Football is a game of action, emotion, celebration and certainly a sport that interests everyone. That’s why many people dream of becoming footballers. Even after retirement, most professional footballers become either consultants or coaches.

In this article, we make you discover footballers who have started another career that has no connection with sport

1. George Weah (Politician)

6 footballers who left football for other careers

Politician George Weah remains the only African to have won the FIFA Ballon d’Or, which rewards the best footballer in the world. However, many have not seen the former AC Milan player pursue his career in politics after his retirement in 2003 at the age of 37 years. In mid-November 2004, Weah presented his candidacy for the October 2005 presidential election in Liberia. He was widely regarded as one of the favorites during the election. However, he finished in second place against Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. However, he will have a second attempt to become president when Liberians go to the polls in October.

2. Dani Osvaldo (Musician)

6 footballers who left football for other careers

Former Italian footballer Dani Osvaldo has abandoned football for a musical career. He even declined a large contract of 2.1 million pounds proposed by Chievo Verona.

3. Gaizka Mendieta (Disc-Jockey)

6 footballers who left football for other careers


Former Spanish midfielder Gaizka Mendieta is clearly different from most footballers after choosing to pursue a DJ career after retirement. He is even considered one of the coolest DJs in the world.

4. Eric Cantona (Actor)

6 footballers who left football for other careers

After his retirement in 1997, former Manchester United star Eric Cantona began a film career and starred in the films “Elizabeth ”  with Cate Blanchett  in  1998, “French Film” in 2008 and “Looking for Eric ” in 2009.

5. Jose Manuel Pinto (Music Producer)

Former FC Barcelona goalkeeper Jose Pinto, just like Mendieta and Osvaldo have opted for a musical career after retirement. Even as an active footballer, Pinto worked as a musician and record producer, mostly in hip hop. In 2000, he founded his own label, “Wahin Makinaciones”.

6. Herald Battbakk (Pilot)

6 footballers who left football for other careers

A prolific forward for Rosenborg and Celtic, Harald Brattbakk is now flying in the air. He works for Norwegian Air.


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