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One can reach the financial freedom of a multitude in different ways. Even some employees may reach the age of 60 or 65 and receive the pension on retirement. For some people, the amount of this pension could be quite comfortable to adequately meet their different needs.

You have the right to choose this kind of financial freedom. But this is not the kind of financial freedom that I recommend in this article. In fact, this form of financial freedom has several major disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that it comes a little too late and does not provide real personal growth.
The financial freedom advocated in this article is the one that is built on the basis of entrepreneurial business models. That is, the model of financial freedom that provides a better living environment.

A way of life that combines wealth with free time, freedom of choice, passion and personal growth. All this could be ensured while still young and healthy.

Fortunately, in the vast entrepreneurial world, there are several enlightened ways to become financially free as quickly as possible.

However, the following six areas are recognized as the main vehicles likely to rapidly lead to financial freedom, according to experts.

No matter what you have learned, your degrees and your current situation, you can start learning and mastering at least one of these areas:

1- financial investments

For example acquire shares in the stock market (https: / lnkdin / d6 wc Mt4) which entitles to annual dividends. This is the area to perfection of passive income. All you have to do is choose where to place your money and bring the amount of money to be placed in the bank by making you accompanied by training and coaching to reduce your losses and increase your earnings.

2- real estate

It is about owning real estate. very soon I will share some secrets of experts in the field, who use the loan to acquire a house and pay back by the rent.

At the general request, I communicate examples of maximum amount of real estate loan that you can obtain according to your salary and your age (40 years maximum)
The bank finances your house to 100 %, of course, if your transferable quota and your borrowing capacity allow it.
Rate used for the simulation: 8% HT or 9.25% TTC (during promotion periods).
Duration of loan: 20 years.


– Salary of 700 000 F:
-Maximum amount borrowed: 34 375 000 f
-Initial contribution of 3 800 0 00 F (payable 150 000 F / month x 26 months)
-Type of housing: a small duplex 4-room semi-detached 38 000 000 F built on 250 m², useful surface 125  m²)
You rent it at 375 000 F minimum and it is the tenant (rent) who will pay the due dates of 315 000 F. 

Couple have money

3- The creation of commercial business of the Internet type Internet and MLM.

These areas require efforts especially at start-up. But once the systems are in place, your revenues will be disconnected from time, with leverage far superior to the efforts you initially made.
example: Forever Haaoki, cryptomoney etc .

4- Ownership of enterprises.

These are business owners who create and sell products. But we must distinguish between the two following cases:

a) if you create a business in which you are obliged to go to work every working day, it is not a financial freedom
b) But if you are the business owner and you are not going to work there, it is passive income.

5-the e-Business.

The Internet, at the center of a new business model that is gaining importance day after day. This is the area of ​​digital business where what is called e-business.
Example: Buzzy Africa, EDITH BROU TV and blogs …



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