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LIST: Top 10 Most Generous Countries in Africa

Now-a-days more and more Africans are getting involved in philanthropic activities. Are you curious to know where these wonderful people live?

Here are the top 10 most generous countries in Africa as of 2014. The ranking is based on Charities Aid Foundation’s World Giving Index (WGI) gathered by Gallup.

1) Kenya

WGI score: 49
Helping a stranger score: 67
Donating money score: 43
Volunteering time score: 37

Kenya ranked number in Africa and fifteenth in the world. Kenyans are amiable and hospitable. While helping strangers constitute 67 percent, only 37 percent is devoted to volunteering time.

As you can see, in Africa, helping a stranger is around three times as commonplace as both volunteering time to an organization or donating money to a charity. This indicates that generosity in Africa has far more to do with informal personal and community based assistance. How important do you think it is for a person to be generous?

2) Nigeria

WGI score: 44
Helping a stranger score: 63
Donating money score: 29
Volunteering time score: 41

Nigeria came in second place, ranking 21st globally with a score of 44%. Around 63 percent of the population of Nigeria is willing to help strangers.

3) South Africa

WGI score: 40
Helping a stranger score: 64
Donating money score: 23
Volunteering time score: 33

South Africans are polite. They are by custom hospitable and helpful. South African ultra-rich individuals are among the world’s most generous philanthropists, giving both their time and money to charitable causes.

4) Uganda

WGI score: 40
Helping a stranger score: 68
Donating money score: 22
Volunteering time score: 30


Uganda settling for fourth place, the country comes behind Nigeria and South Africa respectively. They help strangers happily.

5) Guinea

WGI score: 39
Helping a stranger score: 62
Donating money score: 26
Volunteering time score: 30

In this West African country, approximately 62 percent of the population is willing to help strangers.

6) Liberia

WGI score: 38
Helping a stranger score: 73
Donating money score: 7
Volunteering time score: 34

Around 85 percent of the population of Liberia lives below the international poverty line. Despite their tough situation, Liberians have retained their willingness to help strangers.

7) Zambia

WGI score: 37
Helping a stranger score: 71
Donating money score: 10
Volunteering time score: 30

Around 71 percent of the population of Zambia helps strangers willingly.

8) Ghana

WGI score: 34
Helping a stranger score: 61
Donating money score: 16
Volunteering time score: 26

Ghanaians are polite, hospitable and has become very popular for their generosity to visitors. They greet their guests with food and drinks.

9) Sierra Leone

WGI score: 34
Helping a stranger score: 63
Donating money score: 10
Volunteering time score: 29)

People of Sierra Leone are extremely polite. This West African nation scored high in “Helping a stranger”.

10) Malawi

WGI score: 34
Helping a stranger score: 58
Donating money score: 20
Volunteering time score: 23

People of southeast African landlocked nation Malawi are known for their hospitality. They welcome visitors with a drink and also offer something to eat.


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  1. The problem with these kind of statistics is the limited knowledge on our huge continent which information and data is in the main provided by Western msm serving their own political agenda. To cite an example, Eritreans are culturally known for their respect and welcoming of strangers, including people hostile to them I might add, by even compromising their own comfort and budgets. I doubt anyone who has visited the country and interacted with the people will declare otherwise. Many first time visitors are pleasantly surprised with their experience there especially because it is an experience that contradicts all the negative information they have been exposed to through the media, sadly including the African media.

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