LIST: Top 10 African Countries That Received The Most Money From Their Diasporas

According to a World Bank report released on 22 April, Nigeria ranks first in the ranking of African countries that received the most money from their nationals in 2017.

The African diaspora is made up of people of African origin living outside the African continent who wish to contribute to the development and construction of their continent of origin, whatever their citizenship and nationality. True ”  6th region of Africa “, the Diaspora is an important ally in the development process of the African continent.

This is confirmed by the recent World Bank report entitled ” Migration and Remittances: Recent Developments and Prospects “. This report, published in conjunction with the World Bank Group and IMF Spring Meetings, has revealed remittances from the Afro diaspora to all sub-Saharan African countries.

According to the 2017 edition of ” Migration and remittances: recent developments and prospects “, these transfers of funds would amount to $ 33 billion (6% less than the previous year). According to World Bank analyst estimates, this figure would increase to $ 34 billion in 2017 (an increase of 3.3%).

It is further noted that the average cost of transfers to ” Black Africa ” increased   from 9.7% in 2016 to 9.8% in the first quarter of 2017, its highest level in the world.

These encouraging figures show that Africa and its diaspora would have a vested interest in joining forces to work together for sustainable development and to address the common challenges of the continent.


Here is the ranking of the 10 African countries that received the most money from their diasporas in 2016:

1 ° Nigeria = $ 19 billion (4.6% of GDP and 10% less than the previous year)

2. Senegal = $ 2 billion (or 13.5% of GDP)

3 ° Ghana = $ 2 billion (or 4.8% of GDP)

4 ° Kenya = $ 1.7 billion

5 ° Uganda  = $ 1.1 billion

6 ° Mali =  $ 0.8 billion (or 5.7% of GDP)

7 ° South Africa = $ 0.7 billion

(8) Liberia = $ 0.1 billion

9 ° Ethiopia = 0.6 billion

10. Madagascar = $ 0.4 billion


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