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LIST: These 7 African Music Stars Have Been Accused Of Stealing Songs From Their Colleagues

Lately, the music scene in Africa has been overflowing with allegations and counter-allegations of artistes taking tunes of their colleagues. At the point when songs progress toward becoming hits, individuals begin to ponder where it was stolen from.

In a few cases, songs which contain an interjection of a past show-stopper are permitted considering the first proprietors are credited. In any case, the accompanying musicians have been blamed for unmistakably tossing that to the mutts in their works. Let’s check through the list of artistes who have been accused in the past of stealing other colleagues in the industry.

Jah Prayzah — Zimbabwe News

Jah Prayzah

The Zimbabwean musician’s song Sisi Makachena released in 2013 was, in fact, an original composition of Ghanaian musician Samini’s 2007 hit song titled “Samini.” It was clearly seen that Prayzah took the arrangement of the song and the harmonies, as well as, the background chants and passed them off as his, without crediting the original owner.

Iryn Namubiru — Hipipo

Iryn Namubiru

The legendary vocal songbird was in 2016 accused by a songwriter, Lyto Boss of robbing his song and recording it without paying for it. The case subsequently ended in court, where the 37-year-old musician lost the case due to the absence of convincing evidence. Scores of fans of the female hitmaker were disappointed, with her music career subsequently hitting the rocks.

Manifest —


The award-winning Ghanaian rapper came under intense scrutiny when he was accused of stealing Belizean musician and producer, Ivan Duran’s beat for his hit song “Someway Bi.” Duran’s beat originally appeared on Umalali’s “Mérua” originally recorded in the year 2009 but M.anifest’s “Someway Bi” was released in 2013.

Rapper Emtee — Times LIVE


The South African rapper was in 2017 accused of stealing the “Ghetto Hero” song from a colleague rapper by the name of Jolondy Jacobs. Emtee denied the claims, calling it a publicity stunt but Jolondy argued that he still has all of the original tracks. He even went ahead to say that the “Roll Up” hitmaker is known for doing this in the industry with various other young artists also facing the same problem with the rapper.


Wizkid —


When the Nigerian music star released “Ojuelegba” in 2014, dancehall sensation, Black Face of the defunct Plantashun Boyz said the song was his. “I never really wanted to talk about it all this while but after people started checking out my new song, Killa, many felt Blackface sounded like Wizkid, which I didn’t like. If you check properly, you would realize that Wizkid’s hit sounds exactly the same as the track 13 on my dancehall album released as far back as 2010,” he said. Then there was the Twitter confrontation, where musician Dummy Krane also claimed hit track “Ojuelegba” as his. But Wizkid responded by allegedly throwing a bottle at Dammy Krane at Quillox, a popular nightclub. But what was so obvious even though was not much-talked about was his “Manya” track which had samples from Ghanaian Hiplife group, VIP’s hit ‘Ahomka Wom’. The video of “Manya” was subsequently taken down by Youtube following controversies surrounding Wizkid’s agreement with Sony music. Many felt that the music star was running out of songs as he was in the same year accused of jumping on to musician Phlex first music titled, “Medicinal” for his track “Medicine”.

Babes Wodumo — TayoTV

Babes Wodumo

The South African hitmaker was in 2017 accused of stealing DJ Luvas and DJ Pluto’s song ‘Gandaganda’. Babes Wodumo released ‘Gandaganda’ in August but Durban-based DJ Luvas and DJ Pluto, whose real names are Luvuyo Njeje and Lungelo Ntombela respectively approached the Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) with a complaint claiming that Wodumo had stolen their song. “Babes knows the truth. The title of her song and the duration are the same as ours. Only the beats and lyrics are different. She stole our song, which we released on 6 April,” Njeje said. And this was the second time Babes Wodumo was accused of copying songs from other artists. DJ Welo in 2016 accused her of stealing the beats and lyrics of his song ‘Umsebenzi’.

Davido — Facebook


The Nigerian musician seems to be leading the pack of those who take songs and pass it off as their own. He is currently being accused of stealing some lyrics of Usher Raymond’s 2004 hit single, Caught Up in the new DMW song, Mind. The controversy causing line is the: “and I’m so caught up/You got me feeling it, caught up…” – the hook of the song. DMW released the song, Mind, on January 31, 2018, and just when Nigerians were beginning to love it, the issue of plagiarism has cropped up. But even before this, the “Fall” hitmaker was accused by a Nigerian music producer, HOD, of stealing the production for his record, “Pere” in which he featured Young Thug and Rae Sremmund.  And not forgetting his 2011 hit single, “Gobe”, which also became a subject of controversy. After topping the charts, speculations were rife that Davido stole the song. Others also said that the hip-hop star actually bought the song with the same lyrics by an upcoming act, Password.


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