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LIST: The 5 Events That Influenced African-American History You Need To Know!!

The African-Americans, also known simply as Black people, have shaped their identities from slavery life to an individual life of liberty. The remarkable efforts altered their character as the real African-Americans. The freedom stories of black people created history that will forever inspire the next generation by setting their fabulous examples.

Let’s share some of the highlighted events of African-American history. These events worked in favor of Black people:

1- 1954: Brown Decision

May 17, 1954, was the date when a landmark of Black history in the U.S. was decided. The Supreme Court decided that there should be equal justice for all under the law. The Brown V. Board of Education case had solved many complications for African-American and Black society overall.  This is also considered to be the Legal ending of segregation by race in American history. The new law integrated the legal facilities and with equal rights. This also provides the legal foundation of 1960s Civil Rights Movement.

2- Marcus Garvey Movement


This was the first mass black movement lead by Marcus Garvey in the twentieth century. He called all the Africans to fight back for their rights and encouraged them to restore their history and humanity. He believed in attaining importance of race for the liberation of African people. It also served as the basis of historic dialogues of Martin Luther King’s speeches during his National agenda of setting civil rights in favor of Africans.

3- Civil Rights Movements of 1960

The important and unforgettable moment or the Civil rights moment that has had lasting effects even now in maintaining the structure of American colonies. The movement with the anthem “we shall overcome” was the big step in having “freedom that should be for all.” This civil movement was comprised of people of all races.

4- The Importance of Black folk in America

In the early twentieth century, William Edward Burghardt, more famously known as W. E. B. Du Bois, who was an American sociologist, framed the meaning of being a Black person in the world of white people with the stroke of his pen. His marvelous work “Souls of Black Folk,” attracted the world’s attention. He described the struggle and patience of the black person in a white world.

5- The Black Electoral Politics

The 1970s and 1980s were the decades that were eye witness to the significant changes in the American political frame throughout the 1960 movement. Black people came up with a new idea of making their own independent political party in 1972. Though this dream was never fully realized, it left the positive results on the image of black people. It laid the foundation for blacks to get elected to the various legislative positions. African-Americans were now being considered for official elected posts.



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