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LIST: The 10 Worst States To Educate African-American Children!!

As parents of young Black children, you want to ensure they receive best education possible. However, there are things that can get in the way of giving your child the necessary tools needed to be successful in life. Depending upon the state in which you choose to raise your children, the educational support and tools might not be geared to preparing them for higher education. There are 10 states according to Annie E. Casey Foundation, that do a very poor job in helping young African-American children prepare for college.

From #1 (being the worst) to #10

The 10 worst states are: 

#10 – Wisconsin
#9 – Mississippi
#8 – Michigan
#7 – Louisiana
#6 – Arkansas
#5 – Ohio
#4 – Alabama
#3 – Indiana
#2 – South Carolina
#1 – Illinois


The states that scored poorly are also states where there is strong racial disparity. The report measured date at both national and state levels. There were several factors that weighed in on how successful children will be later on in life. Black children scored the lowest on meeting satisfactory levels. The indicators included factors such as economic states, and living in supportive communities and families.

So, what can you do as a parent? Take the area where you decide to raise your family seriously. It might be time to consider moving to a new area where you and your family will have better opportunities. It comes as no surprise that where Black children grow up can have an impact on whether they get a fair shake in life. Racial disparities do exist and if they are not address quickly, it will not get better. According to the study, in the year 2018, children of color will be the majority, and the U.S labor force in 2030 will also be people of color. Consider getting your child enrolled in mentoring programs, internships and summer programs to help them become more active and knowledgeable about the opportunities that are available to them. Do your research and plan for your child to attend these educational programs. You have to do your part as a parent to help your children get ahead in life.


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