New!: List of Top 10 Countries Fighting Against ISIS (SEE If Any African Countries make the new list)

list of top ten countries fighting against isis


Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is simply termed as  ISIS that is also known as ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and Levant). It is a rebel group of Sunni Islamic sectarian that is performing an armed fight in Iraq and Syria in order to launch caliphate system. Its forces are in an effort to make an Islamic state that will have a strong hold on entire Muslim countries. Furthermore its forces are also performing terror activities in Iraq and Syria. In accordance to this group, there will be an Islamic caliphate in that new Islamic state and ISIS leader Abu Bakr AL-Baghdadi says that he will be the caliph in that Islamic state.

ISIS militant forces are doing their activities in a violent and bloody manner. the group recognized itself as a jihadist group like AL-Qaeda. This militant group is willing to include only Sunni Muslims in that all process and not Shia Muslims.

Today the majority of world’s Muslim population is against the isis plans and their bloody way of performing activities. Currently USA holds the first spot that is using its military actions against this extremist group. Similarly there are lots of other countries that are performing against this group .Scroll down the list of world’s top ten countries that are fighting or agreed to participate in the armed fight against the ISIS.

what countries are fighting against isis


Rank Country Capital
1. United States flag  United States of America Washington DC
2. Saudi Arabia flag  Saudi Arabia Riyadh
3. jordon flag  Jordon Amman
4. bahrain flag  Bahrain Manama
5. UAE FLAG  United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi
6. qatar flag  Qatar Doha
7. United Kingdom  United Kingdom London
8. France flag  France Paris
9. Turkey flag  Turkey Ankara
10. Australia flag  Australia Canberra



australian fight against isis
Australia holds the tenth spot in the list of countries that are fighting against isis  because it also has clear intention towards providing armed support in anti-ISIS process. Australian Prime Minister has stated that Australia will provide support and assistant to the Iraqi forces by sending its special forces to Iraq. Australian Prime Minister has clarified that the “Combat deployment” will be beneficial for both Iraq and Australia as it will help to minimize ISIS activities. Australia is also performing police operations within the country to capture those Australians who involved in some sort of help for that group.



turkey is fighting against isis with united states
Turkey has offered to provide tactic help towards anti-ISIS efforts. Turkey has shown intent of performing militant actions against the terrorist groups. Furthermore the Turk Government has also declared its opinion to perform militant actions especially because the fighters of the militant groups have occupied some towns that are situated in the south of Turkey’s border. Turkey is agreed to allow foreign troops to launch attacks on ISIS from inside Turkey.


french military efforts against isis group
France is performing the airstrikes in Iraq as a part of the anti-ISIS efforts. French aircrafts have taken part in the Amerli (a town in Iraq) operation together with Australia and Britain. Meanwhile France has also declared that it will not expand its air striking activities in Syria. But France has also clarified its intentions to support the fair opposition in Syria.

7-United Kingdom

uk airstricks in iran against isis
After getting parliament approval, United Kingdom has started to contribute in airstrikes against that extremist militants. The UK Defense Ministry has declared that UK aircrafts have involved in anti-ISIS activities. The United Kingdom has stated to support the Kurdish forces and Iraqi government in order to evacuate terrorism.


qatar fights against isis
While in the Middle East Qatar has the title to host one of the largest American bases. Qatar has clearly presented its opinion against the ISIS activities in Iraq and Syria that it considers them as terrorist activities. Qatar has declared to support the United States against these dangerous militants. Qatar has performed armed strikes in Syria and also participated in humanitarian flights against the group.

5-United Arab Emirates

uae cooperates with united states against isis
UAE participating towards United States armed activities against the ISIS jihadist group. UAE also has the title of hosting the Australian combat jets and the aircrafts contribution in the International Coalition for operation in Libya during 2011. For the first time, a female UAE pilot has commanded a mission against ISIS.


Bahrain is taking part against isis group
Bahrain is also an important member of the U.S-led coalitions. Bahrain houses the Fifth Fleet of the U.S Navy. Bahrain is participating in armed efforts of United States against the ISIS. While U.S. military official interview to CNN, he listed the name of Bahrain as one of U.S main member against this group.


jordon against isis group
Jordan has become the U.S-led coalition member against the ISIS forces. As Jordan has a long border with Iraq as well as Syria so the terror activities of this extremist party are making Jordan uncomfortable as a neighboring country. Jordanian government has announced that Jordan’s participation in the airstrikes is a part of its “position on combating terrorism and making sure that its borders are secure”.

2-Saudi Arabia

saudi arabia helps other countries against isis actions
Because of the threats that Saudi Arabia is expecting to have from the ISIS group it is giving full support to the United States armed activities against the ISIS. Saudi Arabia has declared to support the United States. Saudi Arabia has shown its intent to fund a training base for the training of “moderate Syrian opposition fighters “so to battle with ISIS militant forces in a professional way.

1-United State of America

united states efforts against isis group
United States is currently performing airstrikes against the ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Some Arab countries are also taking part in these airstrikes against ISIS militant jihadist group. These airstrikes are targeting ISIS and their important training spots especially in Syria. The U.S President has announced that U.S will send 475 additional troops towards Iraq.


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