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List of the 30 Dynasties of Ancient Egypt

Dynasties of Ancient Egypt
Old Kingdom (or Old Empire)
Dynasty Years Famous Rulers
I 3110–2884B.C. Menes

II 2884–2780B.C.
III 2780–2680B.C. Snefru

IV 2680–2565B.C. Khufu

 (Cheops), Khafre

, Menkaure

. Age of the great pyramids.

V 2565–2420B.C.
VI 2420–2258B.C. Pepi I

, Pepi II

First Intermediate Period
VII, VIII 2258–2225B.C. An obscure period.
IX, X 2225–2134B.C. Capital at Heracleopolis.
XI 2134–c.2000 B.C. Capital at Thebes.
Middle Kingdom (or Middle Empire)
XII 2000–1786B.C. Amenemhet I

, Sesostris I

, Amenemhet II

, Sesostris II

, Sesostris III

, Amenemhet III

, Amenemhet IV

Second Intermediate Period
XIII–XVII 1786–1570B.C. The Hyksos

. An obscure period.

New Kingdom (or New Empire)
XVIII 1570–c.1342 B.C. Amenhotep I

, Thutmose I

, Hatshepsut

 (with Thutmose II

 initially), Thutmose III

, Amenhotep II

, Thutmose IV

,Amenhotep III


, Amenhotep IV (Ikhnaton

), Tutankhamen

XIX c.1342–1200 B.C. Horemheb

, Ramses I

, Seti I

, Ramses II

, Merneptah

, Seti II

XX 1200–1085B.C. Ramses III

 with Tiy

. New Kingdom declines.

XXI 1085–945B.C. Tanite dynasty (capital at Tanis).
XXII 945–745B.C. Sheshonk I

. Libyan dynasty (capital at Bubastis).

XXIII 745–718B.C. Nubian dynasty with invasion of Piankhi

 (capital at Bubastis).

XXIV 718–712B.C. Saïte dynasty (capital at Saïs).
XXV 712–663B.C. Taharka

. Assyrian invasions begin foreign domination.

XXVI 663–525B.C. Psamtik

, Necho

, Apries

, Amasis II

 (capital at Saïs).

XXVII 525–405B.C. The Achaemenids

 of Persia in control. Cambyses

 II to Darius II

. Egypt revolts.

XXVIII–XXX 405–332B.C. Nekhtnebf

, Nekhtharheb

. Last native dynasties, ending with conquest by Alexander the Great

. Capital at Saïs, thenat Mendes, then at Sebennytos.

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