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List of the 10 Most Indebted Countries in Africa for 2018: World Bank

The World Bank has unveiled its ranking of the most indebted African countries in 2018. Let’s discover together the top 10 of these countries.

1- South Africa
Its debt amounts to more than 450,000 billion FCFA.

2- Sudan
Sudan ranks second with a considerable gap behind number one on the list. The Sudanese population lives with about 300,000 billion FCFA of debt.

3- Egypt
Egypt has a debt of more than 170,000 billion FCFA

4- Morocco
Morocco has a debt of 40,000 billion FCFA

5- Tunisia
The Tunisian debt amounts to more than 10.500 billion FCFA

6- Angola
Angola has a debt of over 10,000 billion FCFA


7- DR Congo
Congo lives with a debt of 7584 billion

8- Côte d’Ivoire
Ivorian debt amounts to more than 6500 billion FCFA

9- Nigeria

Its debts are worth 619 billion FCFA

10- Kenya
445 billion is the sum of Kenya’s debts.


Source: World Bank


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