List of Countries That Do Not Have A National Army

Having a national army and therefore a coercive force is one of the attributes that gives power to a nation. As military power is one of the greatest gates of a nation, one wonders whether it is possible for a country to have no national army? To this question, we answer in the affirmative.


Various reasons that may explain this fact

There are indeed independent states known as countries without an army. Indeed, for various reasons, these countries do not have a national army. First, some countries have their constitution that prohibits the creation of an army. Then other countries have treaties with great nations that ensure their security. However, they have within them the forces of law and order over the extent of their territory.


List of these countries without an army


  1. Andorra

The country has a small intervention unit for counterterrorism and hostage missions. In case of threat or violation of the territorial integrity of the country, the defense of the country is ensured by France or Spain since a tripartite convention in 1993.


Countries having suppressed or dissolved their army

      Costa Rica

It was the first country to suppress its army in 1949. It then proclaimed its active neutrality in 1983.

  1. Panama

The country dissolved its army in 1990, a decision confirmed by a parliamentary vote in 1994. However, it has public forces.

  1. Kiribati

The only defense forces are the police and the coastguards.

  1. Liechtenstein

Only in case of need, an army can be raised and must bring together all major citizens under 60 years. The conditions for the creation of such a force are laid down by law.

  1. Mauritius

The security of the country is provided by the police and two paramilitary forces armed with small arms.

Countries whose defense is provided by the United States


  1. The States of Micronesia (under the Compact Free Association)
  2. Palau (under the Compact Free Association)
  3. Marshall Islands
  4. Iceland (The defense first ensured by the United States and Norway with which it has signed treaties, then it is a member of NATO and can thus benefit from the military assistance of its member countries)


Countries whose defense is provided by a security system grouping Caribbean countries:

  1. St. Kitts and Nevis (has a paramilitary unit)
  2. Saint Lucia (two paramilitary units)
  3. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (has an intervention unit)
  4. Dominica
  5. Grenada (has a paramilitary unit for international interventions)

Other countries

  1. Nauru: No known defense agreements, but strong links with Australia
  2. Samoa Islands: Defense provided by New Zealand but has a small coastguard unit)
  3. Solomon Islands
  4. Tuvalu (Coast Guard Unit)
  5. Vanuatu (paramilitary force)
  6. Japan

Due to Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution, Japan is prohibited from maintaining an army for war, uttering threats or taking leadership in military operations. The country, however, has a self-defense unit.


Countries with an army in the past

22. Haiti

The country had an army which it dissolved in 1995 for the benefit of a unit of intervention to ensure the national defense. However, with the arrival of President Jovenel Moïse, Haiti has remobilized its army.


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