LIST of Countries Experiencing The Same Currency Crisis as Nigeria

Nigeria is not the only country battling against the dollar that is currently ravaging its economy and local currency, a Bloomberg report has revealed.

The following countries are experiencing a currency crisis at the moment according to the report:

  • Tajikistan- official rate of 7.8332 Somoni per Dollar. Unofficial- 8.15 Somoni per dollar (4% increase)
  • Egypt – official rate of 7.83 Pound per Dollar. Unofficial – 8.75 Pound per Dollar (12% increase)
  • Nigeria- official rate of 198.5 Naira per Dollar. Unofficial rate of 337 Naira per dollar (70% increase)
  • Uzbekistan – official rate of 2,837 Soum per dollar. Unofficial rate of 5,950 Soum per dollar (110 increase)
  • Angola – official rate of 161 Kwanza per dollar. Unofficial rate of 380 Kwanza per dollar. (136% increase)

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