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List of 9 Most Beautiful Nollywood Single Mothers (See Photos & Reasons)

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Nowadays, its very common to see single mothers living happily though some have been married before and have given birth to children before coming out of their marital homes for reasons
which can only be best explained by them.Most of our actresses in the Nollywood are living single for the same reason as above not that they really wanted to be single but some have dated
and have break ups, some got married had children and divorced for whatever reasons that made them go into it and come back remains personal to them. Below is a list of some of the leading
Nollywood single mothers who have decided to remain single. Most people will not believe after reading till the end that their favorite actress is still single.

Genevieve-Nnaji 0

#1: Genevieve Nnaji

I know most readers out there will not believe a beautiful actress like this is still single. She gave birth and also hit stardom at a very young age. The fact that she is having a child might be the reason she is still single single. Though she has been able to manage her status as a single mother with her career she still has in mind that she will meet the right man and be married.

Monalisa-Chinda 2

#2: Monalisa Chinda

Monalisa Chinda is a very beautiful lady who has been married to Dejo-Richards and God bless them with a child called Tamar. But few years after their marriage, she parted ways with her husband.
Now she is a single mum.

Monalisa-Chinda 2

Eucharia-Anunobi 3


#3: Eucharia Anunobi

She is popularly called the “The Sharon stone” of Nollywood. She is a popular actress and has appeared in so many movies. She was married to Charles Ekwu but she has just recently joined the Nollywoods single mothers when her marriage with her husband collapsed. she has a son with his husband named Ramond but the burden falls on her alone as she is the only one to caterer for their son.

shan-george 4

#4: Shan George

Shan George is a mother of two but not married. The two children all study abroad while she is home. she is known for always changing relationship.

Ibinabo-Fibresima 5

#5: Ibinabo Fibresima

Fibresima is a mother of two though the children have different fathers. She is also having another child from his relationship with actor Fred Amata, who is known to be the father of kids. Presently,
she is a mother of three children.

Grace-Amah 6

#6: Grace Amah

She is having a son with one man but have just recently joing the Nollywood single mothers. she is one of the most recent member in the league. It’s not yet certain that she will remain single because she may end up with the father of her son.

Bukky-wright 7

#7: Bukky Wright

She enjoys her life as a Nollywood single mother than when she was in her marital home. she is a mother of two

Lola-Alao 8

#8: Lola Alao

Her reasons joining the Nollywood singly mothers was as a result of her short marriage with one US based dude which did not work out.

Fathia_Balogun 10

#9: Fathia Balogun

This beautiful actress got married to Actor Saidi Balogun. God bless them with two kids. Fathia is an Actress, producer, Mother and Entrepreneur, she looks very radiant even after two kids. Romours were out that she is quitting the Nollywood single mothers to get married to another man but it has not yet been confirmed.


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