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Nigeria Has The Highest Figure Of Students Studying Abroad! 1st in Africa, 10th in the World!!

List of Countries with Most International Students 2016

Since the demand for tertiary education is rising, the transportable students travel the distant locations.

Today an extensive range of students getting the education in the international institutes remains growing because higher training institutes on the planet strive for the greatest and sharpest brains. However, there is a great competition for students from emerging geographical addresses that may allow the least expensive and culturally-relevant programs for the higher education.

The increase in globally mobile students* indicates a significant rise in university students all over the world. In 2013, more than 4.1 million students traveled outside for the higher education, higher from 2 million during 2000, showing about 1.8% of all local entries or 2 in 100 international students.

List of Countries with Most International Students

Central Asia, the house of the most moving student groups, has undergone a constant growth in the figure of students studying worldwide. The crowd rose from 67,300 in 2003 to 165,542 in 2013, among the outbound movement rate higher than doubling from 3.5% to 7.6%. These values intimate that national tertiary entrance has not maintained speed with the increasing desire for higher learning.

While on the other hand, the students that belonged to sub-Saharan African nations, which are the second most moving, are lingering nearby to home. In accordance to a recent report,  264,774 students got a degree from the foreign institutes in 2013, higher from 204,900 in 2003. However, in this term, the outbound movement rate within the area declined from 6% to 4%. The shift intimates that national higher learning methods are regularly developing.

Three areas have comparatively feeble outbound movement rates: North America 0.5%, Latin America and the Caribbean 0.9%, South and West Asia, where 1.0% of tertiary learners read outside.

Regional centers bringing a major share of the international student groups

List of Countries with Most International Students 2016 rankings

Whereas the popular nations including the United States and U.K, ensure powerful magnetites for students exploring for the high-quality study programs, unique purpose nations, and environmental hubs are fighting for a portion of the wealth and mental assets of globally moving learners.


In 2013, six end nations entertained almost 1/2 of overall international students: The USA hosted 19% of worldwide international students), U.K 10 percent, France 6 percent, Australia 6 percent, Germany 5%  and Russian Federation 3%. However, the top 5 additionally witnessed their share of international enlistment drop from 56 percent in 2000 to 50 percent in 2013.

Australia and Japan, popular countries in East Asia and the Pacific, are challenged by aliens Malaysia, China, Republic of Korea, New Zealand, and Singapore that entertained 7 percent of the international share of international students in 2013.

In the Arab regions, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and UAE are trying to enlist students from the foreign countries. These three countries hosted around 4 percent of the worldwide share of international students.

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List of Top 10 Destination Countries for International Students

Rank Country Share of Mobile Students
1. United States 19%
2. United Kingdom 10%
3. Australia 6%
4. France 6%
5. Germany 5%
6. Russian Federation 3%
7. Japan 3%
8. Canada 3%
9. China 2%
10. Italy 2%

List of Top 10 Countries of Origin of Mobile Students

Rank Country Students Studying
1. China 712,157
2. India 181,872
3. Germany 119,123
4. Republic of Korea 116,942
5. France 84,059
6. Saudi Arabia (73,548
7. United States 60,292
8. Malaysia 56,260
9. Vietnam 53,546
10. Nigeria 52,066

foreign students

Areas that host the greatest part of mobile students:

Rank Region Percentage
1. North America and Western Europe 57%
2. East Asia and the Pacific 19%
3. Central and Eastern Europe 10%

Nations and Territories that have More Students Reading Internationally than in the Countryside

Rank Country
1. Andorra
2. Bermuda
3. Luxembourg
4. Montserrat
5. San Marino
6. Seychelles

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