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LIST: Here Are 12 Messiest, Shadiest & Wildest Black Celebrity Beefs You Can’t Believe Went Down!!

Famous people are known to solve their problems publicly but not privately, so when some celebrities beef it’s usually the news headlines.

Here are some the messiest, shadiest, wildest, celebrity feuds ever.

  • Dionne Warwick and Aretha Franklin

Dionne Warwick has a beef with Aretha Franklin after the iconic singer said that Warwick made “libelous” comments about the statements made during Whitney Houston’s funeral. It Seems like Warwick shaded Franklin for failing to attend the funeral, also calling Aretha, Houston’s godmother. Franklin replied via Fax, “She blatantly lied to me… well knowing what she’s doing.” Later when they met at an event, Warwick asked Aretha for a hug and she responded, “Oh hell no. You can’t be serious.” Aretha says she isn’t looking for any apology and she doesn’t really expect one. “I do not care about Warwick’s apology. At this point it is not about an apology, rather it’s about libel. We have never been buddies, and I don’t think that Warwick has ever liked me.”

  • Kanye, and Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa

What should’ve been just a little spat–grew into a massive feud after Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa’s Twitter beef escalated. Kanye dragged in Amber Rose, her son with Wiz, and Sebastian—and that’s when things got hotter. “Awww! @kanyewest are you mad; I’m not around to play in your —- anymore?” Amber tweeted, adding, “Lol @kanyewest now you want to delete your tweets because Muva has arrived?”


  • Rihanna and Ciara

The duo singers had beef in 2011 after Ciara’s appearance on E!’s ‘Fashion Police,’—during which Ciara told Joan Rivers that she didn’t think Rihanna was very nice. The barbarian singer didn’t take too kindly, and a Twitter feud proved this with Rihanna tweeting, “Good luck for booking that stage you speak of.”

  • Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma

The beef between Remy and Nicki was actually the only topic of conversation early this year. The two had been throwing shots for a while before Ma dropped “Shether.” the two were going toe-to-toe before Ma ended it all.

  • Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell

The beef between the pair has been silenced, but it began when Tyra Banks first joined the modeling world. The Next Top Model show runner in America extended an olive branch in 2005—inviting Naomi to her talk show to speak everything out. The now iconic interview had many gems as Campbell flippantly responded to Bank’s comments with, “I have never said that in my entire life,” “I don’t remember it,” and “Do you’ve proof?”

  • Meek Mill and Drake

The beef between Drake and Meek Mill is clearly documented. But the good thing which other beefing stars should learn is how Drake resolved the issue on his OVO Sound station. He wrote that the whole experience “was just embarrassing to witness,” continuing, “You can ask Mill if he thought [it] was worth it and I’ll bet you if he tells you ‘no.’”


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