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LIST: Four Odd Jobs That Are Currently Gaining Grounds In Africa

We are living in testing times, no doubt. Occupation readiness and accessibility can be rare. A few people have focused on their natural aptitudes and chose to acquire wage utilizing materials or giving needs others may neglect. Here are some unlikeliest ways individuals are gathering the coins.


Need to grab an item but the queue is so long you’re discouraged? Well, have no fear.  There are now professionals who will stand in line for you until it’s your turn. Voila! you have your goods and you’ve saved your precious time.

Nigerian patrons at passport office…photo credit: Premium Times

Who says you have to wait for a job opportunity? Just find a niche where there is potential growth and build an empire – hopefully.

Fake product reviewers

Need an endorsement for a product or service? You may get one from an unreliable source.  There are some raking in on providing fake reviews all in hopes of getting a purchase.  These folks can be spotted in buses, railways, or private modes of transportation.

Patrons inside a Ghanaian “trotro”…photo credit: News Ghana


Expert mourners

The concept of individuals compensated for crying or delivering a eulogy at a funeral isn’t new.  As far back as the 1800s, people have offered to act bereaved to deepen the melancholy tone of such occasions. All regions within Africa have criers designated to act when summoned. Now, as employment prospects are slim, some are using this as their “bread and butter.”

Professional friends

Ghana’s Elorm Sangbey and Friends can have your event jumping in no time. This dynamic team can ‘turn your party up’ by dancing and clapping on cue.  You supply the cash and they’ll provide the service.  For their bronze package, which will cost you 300ghs or $66.05, they will perform one dance and applaud on demand.  For the silver package, costing 500ghs or $110.08, they’ll do two dance formations and applaud. The gold combo, which will come at the price of 750ghs or $165.12, they’ll perform a total of four dance routines, applause, rile your guests up – in a good way of course, and persuade the DJ to play the hottest tunes. Finally, for the platinum package; at 1000ghs or $220.16, they’ll mash up the place for you and have your guests wanting more.




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