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LIST: 6 Ways Golf Legend, Tiger Woods Influenced The World Of Sports!!

One amazing fact about we human is that, no matter how great we become in life are we might find ourselves struggling with one thing or the other. For Tiger Woods, he was caught and arrested for heavy drinking while driving. Woods was also caught cheating on his wife, which later led to the dissolution of their marriage. Despite all this, Woods continue to make positive impacts in the world of sport through playing golf.

  1. Global reach

Tiger Woods has been able to reach out to the public through sport. His popularity led him to create an outreach in Asia, South American, Australia, South Africa and Europe. At least, we understand that his popularity means little to him and his priority is to draw minority players to the pro level.

  1. Learning Lab

Woods established a learning center, which was later referred to as TGR Learning Lab. President Bill Clinton was in attendance at the opening of this Centre in February 2006.He never relent in his effort to making life better, seven of such labs have since been established at various location across the country. This labs were established is basically to meet the needs of the young ones.

  1. Junior Golfers

Tiger Woods established a link which gives upcoming golfers the opportunity of learning from experienced and professionals in the game.

  1. Foundation

At an early stage, Woods mastered the act of giving back to the society. Just a few year after becoming a Pro, he established a foundation to help groom young ones who really are interested in sport. One of his greatest achievements was mentoring Armitage, a young golfer.

  1. Masters

In 1997, Tiger Woods gained the attention of lot of folks in  the country by winning  the masters. Woods is the youngest player in history to become a Master in golf.

  1. Giving

Over the years Tigers has been giving back to the society. Tiger wood understand the fact a lot of kids with passion for sport might not have access to training kits needed to excel in the game. He on several occasion provided training kits and equipment to young ones interested in golf.

Disregarding woods addiction for women and alcohol, no doubt he made significant impact in the world of sport. Even though things are not so looking good for woods right now, with his latest arrest for drunk driving. We hope he’s going to bounce back and stay strong.


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