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LIST: 6 African-Americans That Revolutionized The Technology Industry!!

Not many are aware that some of the world’s greatest inventions are actually built by black inventors. Here’s a list of some of the notable black inventors that have made an impact in the world through technology.

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  • Mark Dean – Dean is a Tennessee engineer who designed the ISA or Industry Standard Architecture system bus that allows specific machines to link with a computer such as modems and printers. He also created a team to build the 1GHz RISC processor chip.

Dean is the first African-American to receive an IBM Fellow which is the highest achievement given to an engineer, programmer or scientist in IBM.

  • George R. Carruthers – Based on the South Side of Chicago, he first displayed his sheer genius at the age of 10 where he built his own version of a telescope for a science fair at school. He later on invented a spectrograph that was used in the Apollo 16 mission to record radiation on the moon. His camera produced more than 200 images of the Earth’s atmosphere as well as other space entities such as comets and nebulas.
  • Kenneth J. Dunkley – Dunkley was known for his invention of the 3D glasses. He created a technique that blocks two areas of your peripheral vision in order to view images using three-dimension. He also contributed to holography which is the process of building holograms.
  • Elijah McCoy – He started working as an oilman for steam engines where he practiced his skills. With his experience and knowledge, McCoy was able to build a lubrication system. His design allow machines and engines to be greased up without shutting it down.

His invention resulted in reducing the transportation time of steam engine trains. Railroad engineers would often ask if the trains were equipped with “The real McCoy.” He also holds 57 patents under his belt.

  • Alexander Miles – The old elevator system was far from perfect. In fact, this resulted to multiple catastrophes where people died. To address this growing malady, Miles created some alterations including a design for an automatic door system and an upgraded mechanism for the elevator shaft.

He was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 2007 for his contribution. You can thank him every time you take the elevator.

  • Benjamin Banneker – He started his curiosity with watches by dismantling the parts and learning about each function. After mastering the technique, he went on to build the first wooden clock in the US. He, later on, built his own watch and clock repair company.

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