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LIST: 5 Things We’ll Miss About Barack Obama In 2017

While it’s only been 2016 for a few months, already we look ahead to the future. When he was first elected to office in 2008, Obama inherited the worst economy since the Great Depression, two wars, and a laundry list of other issues. Whatever your opinion of the President may be, it is clear the country is in better shape now than it was eight years ago. Nevertheless, due to term limits, this will be our last year of Obama.

With that, here are the five things we’ll miss most about him:

Calm Obama

1. His calm demeanor

We have been challenged as a nation these past eight years in many ways, including the recession, terrorism, and climate change. These are all scary things. That’s why it’s so reassuring to have a President who always keeps a level head and a cool demeanor to guide us through these obstacles.

Obama has been a steady hand these past two terms, never rushing to make a decision. With Donald Trump currently leading the Republican field, you wonder if our next President will be as even-tempered.

Singing Obama

2. Videos of him singing

Don’t pretend like you haven’t the seen the video of the President singing Uptown Funk. We all have. It was a pop culture phenomenon. Whether it is a mashup or a clip of him actually singing, it is always fun to see such a serious figure cut loose. My personal favorite is Obama singing the Pokémon theme song. Highly recommend.



3. His family

I’m only a little older than Malia Obama (pictured far left) and it’s still super weird hearing her talk about college. We’ve all watched the Obama girls grow up into lovely young women. We feel like we know this family. And it always warms our hearts to see photos like the ones above. To the whole Obama clan, you will be missed.


4. His policy initiatives

Oh yeah, how about everything he’s ever done for the country?!? It’s easy to overlook Obama the President in favor of Obama the Pop Culture Figure. But he’s done a lot for the nation, from rescuing the auto industry to passing  the landmark Affordable Care Act, overhauling the country’s convoluted health care system. Obama has served the American people well.

Obama role model

5. His place as a role model ‘

As a young black man, I cannot tell you what it meant to see a black man in a suit on TV every single day. Knowing that this man was President, leader not just of this country, but of the entire free world, and that we could all (for the most part) unite behind him in such troubling times was indescribable.

How many role models do young black men and women have who aren’t athletes, rappers, or entertainers? Not to diminish their accomplishments or roles, but only to say that most of us can’t rap or play sports well. Barack Obama always inspired us to do and be better. For that, and for a million other things, he will be missed.

Barack Obama’s presidency has affected a lot of people in serious and silly ways.


Written by How Africa

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