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LIST: 5 Most Common Things Shared By Former President Obama And Rapper Jay-Z!!

Former President Obama who is known for his versatile personality and cheering attitude has a good bond with his old pal and big supporter Rapper Jay-Z. Both of them have been in a longtime friendly relationship because of their many common interests and likeness of their families. Some of the few common similarities these personalities hold, they both have cute daughters and their beautiful wives are more popular than they are in public. These African-American pals are more than a family now where they don’t just meet each other but mingle as one strong family.

We have shortlisted 5 of the most common things that both these awesome personalities share. Let’s see what we have for you:

  1. Both pals were raised in a fatherless environment:

Jay-Z is a person who is always open about his personal life. He never hesitates in sharing details regarding his disturbed childhood and how he was grown in a fatherless atmosphere just because he abandoned him and his family when he was very young. Same is the case with Obama, his father raised his hands from his family household and unfortunately, they had to move to Africa.


  1. Both are perfectly game leaders:

Obama successfully finished his presidential tenure and did a perfect job in leading the free world while the hip-hop mogul Jay-Z brilliantly leads the rap game in the music world.


  1. Both are die-hard fans of oldies:

Obama has always been seen appreciating old music. Americans can never forget the most cherished moment when Obama during his presidential speech sang the song “Al Green.” On the other hand, Jay-Z who is well-known for his intense rap admits that his chartbuster album “The Blueprint” was all inspired by his mother’s classic records.


  1. Both experimented with drugs:

The great rapper Jay-Z experienced drugs while he was on the streets in his early days of career, which later turned into record-breaking lyrics while the former president has candidly discussed smoking weed with a little blow.


  1. Both have sports fever:

Obama is known for his sports craziness and is a die-hard fan of Chicago sports. He not only shoots hoops but plays golf perfectly. While Jay-Z is usually a court-side person cheering the players, he has also partnered with the Brooklyn NBA squad in Basketball.


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