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LIST: 4 Great Black Renditions Of The US National Anthem In The Super Bowl!  

The Super Bowl is perhaps the biggest sporting event in the US. This event prides itself on having the best performers on stage. The national anthem is one of the most anticipated parts of the program and fans look forward to whoever is chosen to sing it.

Many popular artists have taken on The Star-Spangled Banner with their own style and version. However, here are the best renditions from our favorite African-American artists.

  • Whitney Houston – In 1991, Houston was on top of her game as she gave an outstanding performance at the Super Bowl. Her strong and powerful voice echoed through the entire stadium and sent chills to the audience.

During this period, it was the height of the war in the Persian Gulf and the national anthem was dedicated to all the soldiers who fought in the war. This flooded the audience with a sense of patriotism. Houston’s rendition became a national sensation.

Artista Records released a single of the Houston’s performance and it surged into the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and climbed its way into the number six spot.

  • Mariah Carey – Mimi is one of the most popular pop icons in the music industry. However, it took more than a decade before she was called on the Super Bowl stage in 2002 to perform the national anthem. Nonetheless, her appearance on the famed sporting event became very significant, especially since it was the first Super Bowl following the 9-11 attacks.

Since the tragedy was still fresh in the minds of the Americans, a commemorative statue was placed inside the stadium while the songbird sang. Mimi gave a solemn rendition of the US anthem and ended the song with a feeling of nationalistic pride.

  • Beyonce – NFL asked Beyonce to perform in 2004 in her home city, Houston. She was given an option to sing the national anthem or the half-time show. It was, in fact, Queen Bey’s lifelong dream and gave a beautiful performance.

After eight years, she came back to perform in the half-time show.


  • Jennifer Hudson – In 2009, Hudson took the Super Bowl stage and blew the audience away with her powerhouse version of The Star-Spangled Banner. Her performance was backed-up by an orchestra starting with a faint rhythm and transcending into strong tempo. Hudson’s powerful voice touched many of the audience.


It was her first public performance since the murder of her mother, brother, and nephew. You can feel the personal emotion on her performance.


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