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LIST: 23 Rules Of Good Education That Everyone Needs To Know About!!




Etiquette, decency or good manners are all terms used to describe the good manners and the polite behavior that we must adopt in society. Unfortunately, many people see these rules as unrealistic or exaggerated, since they are followed only by a certain category of person, called elitist. Discover the 23 main rules of etiquette.

23 rules of etiquette to know and adopt:

1 – When you invite someone to the restaurant, it goes without saying that you take care of the bill. On the other hand, if you propose a group outing, everyone will pay for themselves.

2 – You should never go to someone’s house without calling him before, at the risk of finding him in his pajamas or on leaving the bath.

3 – Never place your mobile phone on the table in the presence of another person. Checking your news feed on Facebook while she is talking to you is a sign of boredom and lack of interest.

4 – Never ask a woman to accompany you to a gallant appointment if you plan to make phone calls or send messages throughout the evening.

5 – A man should never wear a woman’s handbag. On the other hand, he can take his coat and place it in the locker room.

6 – If you walk with someone, be a friend, colleague or family member, and greet an acquaintance, you must do the same.

7 – Most people think sushi can only be eaten with the help of chopsticks. However, it is possible to take them directly with your fingers.

8 – Make sure your shoes are always clean and odorless.

9 – A man must always show respect to women.

10 – If you are offended by the words or behavior of an individual, do not lower yourself by doing the same or raising your voice. Keep your cool, smile and change subject otherwise leave.


11 – A man of good manners always walks on the left side of his companion. Except for the military, because they salute with the right hand.

12 – For pedestrians, spraying pedestrians with water agglutinated on the roadway is a very bad thing to do.

13 – It is preferable not to approach these 9 subjects in public: fortune, age, religion, family conflicts, extramarital relations, medical problems, gifts received, honor and dishonor.

14 – No woman shall be touched without her permission. To take her hand, to touch her or to caress it without her giving it to you is strictly forbidden.

15 – If you try to get your attention primitively, using, for example, the phrase “Hey, you! “Ignore this call.

16 – When it comes to putting perfume, it must be done in moderation. So if you can still feel it after 2 or 3 hours, be sure that those around you are nauseated.

17 – A man can smoke before a woman only if she allows it.

18 – When entering a room, it is important to greet the people who are there. If you are of a higher hierarchical level, it is up to you to initiate the handshake.

19 – Confidentiality of correspondence must always be respected. No one has the right to read your letters, emails or messages, even if they are your parents or your partner.

20 – Your dress should always fit the frame you are in. So prefer the sober and elegant outfits in a professional setting, and opt for more casual clothes for a weekend walk or an outing with friends.

21 – If you have been made to excuse yourself with a word or an inappropriate gesture, and you have been forgiven, avoid repeating the same mistake in the future.

22 – Avoid speaking or laughing too loudly in public, and do not look at people you do not know insistently. This is considered rude.

23 – Never forget to say thank you to the people who helped you. Friends, colleagues or family members, they will be pleased to know that you appreciate the efforts they make for you.


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