LIST: 13 Best Business Schools In Africa

Africa is a heaven of economic development for the future, below is a list of the best business schools in Africa that offer good quality education and help to equip you with various skills to grow your business careers.

Best Business Schools in Africa

  1. University of Pretoria Gordon institute of business science
  2. University of Cape town graduate school of business
  3. Wits business school(south Africa)
  4. Milpark business school(south Africa)
  5. Institut des Hautes etudes de management
  6. Pan-Atlantic university Lagos business school
  7. Ghana institute of management and public administration
  8. Strathmore university(Kenya)
  9. Kenya institute of management
  10. Faculte de management et de commerce Internationale(Tunisia)
  11. American university in Cairo school of business
  12. University of Dar es salaam business school
  13. Makerere university business school

13.Makerere University Business School

Makerere University Business School is among the best business schools in Eastern Africa offering good quality education to its students. This school of activity is under the management of Makerere University; it provides a variety of certificate, degree, and Diploma and Ph.D. courses for its students. It is one of the largest business schools in Uganda. The institute is currently introducing a postgraduate degree in energy economics and governance and also a Ph.D. in energy economics.

12.University of Dar Es Salam Business School

This university is located in Tanzania at the University of Dar Es Salaam main campus. It is one of the top leading schools in Business and Management Research in Eastern and Central Africa. It has various departments such as Accounting, Finance, Administration, and Marketing. Its motto is knowledge for management excellence. It was also ranked among the best business schools in Tanzania.

11.American University in Cairo School of Business

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Located in the capital of Egypt, the American University in Cairo offers excellent training on courses chosen by the students. This school is also ranked first in the Arab region and is also known to be the best business school in Africa. Its mission is to develop entrepreneurial and responsible global leaders worldwide. It offers various undergraduate programs such as:

  1. Bachelor in Accounting
  2. Bachelor in Economics
  3. Bachelor of Business Administration
  4. Bachelor of business administration in management of information and communication technology

It also offers various Masters and Ph.D.  Programs accepted globally.

10.Faculte de Management de Commerce Internationale

This is regarded as one of the best business schools in Northern Africa. It is a school of commerce located in Manouba which is Tunisia.  Its modern facilities and advanced technology equip the students with global skills that prepare them for work in different business organizations.

9.Kenya Institute of Management

Kenya Institute of Management is ranked among the best business schools in Kenya offering a variety of diploma and degree courses in business. It does equip students with managerial skills that will help in career growth. This institute was established in 1954. Its vision is to be a hub of excellence in organizational and business management practices. It offers various programs such as human resource, public relations, purchasing supplies and project management.

8.Strathmore University

Strathmore University is located in Nairobi the capital of Kenya. It is a prestigious business school offering diverse and excellent business courses to its students, established in 1961; its role is to provide standard and modern education to aid in your work fields. Its vision is to become a leading outcome driven, entrepreneurial research university by translating our excellence into the significant contribution to culture, commercial and well-being quality of life.

It offers a variety of undergraduate courses such as:

  1. Bachelor of Arts in commerce
  2. Bachelor of arts in communication studies
  3. Bachelor of arts in information technology
  4. Bachelor of Arts in information and computer studies and among other courses, interviews are conducted upon application.

7.Ghana institute of management and public administration

Located in Accra-Ghana, This institution offers pre- bachelor degrees such as certificates and diplomas, degrees and masters in several areas of study. It is ranked seventh in Africa and seven thousand one hundred and seventy-eight globally. It provides its students with up to date facilities such as computer labs and a library to help students study better in school.Its vision is to be a global institute of excellence in knowledge, development, and application.

6.Pan-Atlantic University Lagos Business School

Located in Lagos, the capital city of Nigeria, This institution was established in 1991.Its key purpose is to improve the productivity of African economies and empower young African people with skills to utilize in their various businesses. It offers small businesses, free business management information and training programs. In 2014, the University launched its first undergraduate program having previously hosted the global entrepreneurship forum which was highly attended.

5.Institute Des Hautes Etudes Des Management

It is located in the large city of Casablanca and its other campuses in Rabat, Marrakech, and Tangier. It offers Degrees and Master Degrees in multiple areas of study. It is considered to be a selective institution. This institute offers students analytical skills to help them participate better in business fields. It is ranked among the best business schools in northern Africa. Equipped with modern facilities and extra- curricular activities this campus is way ahead of the rest in setting your career to achieve your goals.

4.Milpark Business School( South Africa )

It is ranked among the best business schools in Africa. It is the number one private university in South Africa and was established in 1997. Milpark It has its various campuses in Claremont, Melville, Johannesburg and Cape Town.This institution is unique because it offers further education and training for both contact and distant students. It has various departments in investment, banking, financial planning, commerce and insurance.

3.Wits Business School (South Africa)

Highly regarded as a top notch university in South Africa, Wits business school has the wits to take your career to the top. Its vision is “to have a critical thought and enterprising action that develop emerging economies and democratic societies in transition”.

The school offers mainly postgraduate programs. It has courses such as Masters in Business Administration, Postgraduate Diploma in Management, Masters of Management in Strategic Marketing, Masters of Management in Finance and Investments, Management advancement programs and other certified and attendance programs in executive studies.

2.University of Cape town Graduate School of Business

This school is at the University of Cape Town located in South Africa. It offers some programs such as Masters in Business Administration, postgraduate diploma in Business Administration and associate in management. It is ranked as the first top MBA School in Africa and the Middle east.

1.University Of Pretoria Gordon Institute Of Business Science

Business meeting

It is located in Illovo Johannesburg; it has been accredited by the council on higher education and association of MBAS hence it acquired its name from the founder of the school called Sir Donald Gordon. Its purpose is to educate students on future sustainability and equip them with excellent skills to venture into the business world. This institution is the top ranked best business school in Africa.


These highly ranked top business schools in Africa have made and is still continuing to make self-driven young fruitful and hardworking business entrepreneurs who will bridge the gap of poverty in Africa and act as role models to the other business students in their studies.  If you want to study business in Africa, then these top thirteen institutions should be on your list. Make your choice and apply today.


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