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LIST: 11 Things That Happen At Every Election In An African Dictatorship!!

After 49 years of undisputed reign over Gabon and its oil revenues, the Bongo family is trying to hold onto its chair by rigging the results of the August 27 presidential election that pitted Ali Bongo against Jean Ping , Former minister and son-in-law of Omar Bongo, the father.Between an announcement of the results always rejected, an indecent participation score in the fief of the Bongo and hundreds of policemen deployed in the streets of the capital, the scenario of the Gabonese election resembles an election caricature organized by an African dictatorship.

1. Candidates claim victory before voting

2. Police deploy in the streets on election day

3. The Leader of the Opposition is a former Minister

4. The outgoing president who diverts money from oil promises more equality

5. The number of voters exceeds the number of members in some constituencies

6. National TV broadcasts animal documentaries on election day

7. Internet no longer working during election

8. The electoral commission shall be composed of the President’s

9. Announcement of results is postponed for three days

10. The result does not correspond to the PV

11. The UN reports “some irregularities” in the democratic process


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