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LIST: 10 Reasons Why You Should Stop Looking For Job As A Graduate!!!

In all my life, when it comes to source of income, the only thing I have not done is work for anyone in a 9 to 5 job. I made that decision long before I went for higher institution.

I could remember my dad telling us that he is sending us to school to acquire academic knowledge but that if we want to succeed financially in life, we should be thinking of starting our own business. Those were my guiding words all my year in school.

So, while in school, I made sure I had a profitable business. In fact, it was the proceeding I used to see myself through and even start a better business after graduation. Today, I have a couple of businesses and I still have bigger dreams. I can’t thank my dad enough. Maybe today, I would have been roaming the street looking for job.

If you are a graduate and you are looking for job/employment, honestly, there are at least 10 reasons why YOU will not get a job. So, I will advise you should start building your capacity to start your own business.

Below are 10 reasons why you will not get a job.

1. You Lack The Required Skill

Employers continue to complain about a dearth of skills among graduates. Employers are obviously tired of seeing same set of individuals with same set of qualifications springing up for interviews daily whereas they are in need of someone that will stand out. So ask yourself, what employable skill do I have?

2. You Lack Personal Capability To Deliver

I think many graduates believe in their certificate and not in their individual capability which would make or mar their pursuits of employment. Many lack self-development and I belief you belong to that category. What have you done since you graduate to develop your personal capability?

3. You Are A Product of a Bad Educational System

Poor funding and management of our Educational system in addition to strike has made our institution products a laughing stock. In fact, the curriculum of some studies in the institutions are not in demand. Failure of school curriculum to place emphasis on practical concepts of entreprenuership and too much emphasis on theoretical education than entreprenuership exposure is a major problem.

4. You Can’t Meet Employers’ Unrealistic Demands

Employers stating job experiences as much as 3 years for fresh graduates. Age restriction, height, gender, language and many more, under these tense conditions, hardly will you see a graduate that will scale through and qualify for job application requirement except those who want to cross-carpet..

5. Lack of Digital Skills


In this digital age, if you lack the digital skills and creativity to thrive in relation to your profession, you will surely be chasing a ghost if you are looking for a well paying job.

6. You Are One of the Educated Illiterates

Every employer wants beyond just a certificate. Every employer is out to employ someone with reasoning and intellectual might, not someone who cannot play with a full deck. Someone who knows how to and wants to learn more than what they studied in school and on the job. Someone who can readily bring ideas to the table on how the company can forge forward. Not someone with low reasoning capability who won’t even be able to answer extremely trivial questions. But guess what, that is what many of our graduates are.

7. You Want The Pay But Not The Work

Many Nigerian graduates think of getting employed today and get a car or probably buy a mansion in the next month, based on their salary. You and I know that such only happen in dreams. Success is built over time and with hard work, perseverance, dedication and being focused over the years. Are you willing to make the sacrifice?

8. Too Much Ego With Empty Pocket

I have had the privilege to present some business opportunities to some graduates and all they can say is they can only do administrative work where they sit in an office to be answering yes sir or yes ma. It took someone who is not a graduate to embrace the same opportunity. Today these uneducated persons are 50 times better than the graduate in terms of personal capability, income, value and the caliber of people in their connection.

9. Companies Are Downsizing

I remember visiting a couple of industrial estates in Lagos recently. You will see busy security men at the gate, but when you approach them that you want to go in, they will tell you the company has folded or the workers are on strike. The story is the same across the state and I belief same thing is happening in other part of the country.

10. There Is No Job Out There

Investors are not bringing in money which means no new job opportunity is being created. There is economy recession in the country. Even the companies that are retrenching, what do you think will happen when they become financially buoyant again. I can bet they will simply recall their sacked workers. The reason is simple, it cost more to hire a new staff than to recall an old staff. So, where will you be then?

The Way Forward

The only way forward I see is for you to start something on your own. Do not despise small beginning. If you are going to start a business though, I will advise you focus on evergreen product or services. Those that are always in demand such as Agriculture, Health, Real Estate, ICT, Environmental services, Retail, Travel, Real Estate and maybe some few more.

If you embark on this journey to discover your true potential, I pray for your SUCCESS but if you go down the popular path of seeking for job, I wish you luck.


Written by How Africa

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