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List: 10 Crazy-Expensive Items Even The Rich Can’t Afford

When I was a child, I remember thinking I was rich when I found a $20 bill on the ground. I quickly turned that bill into Pokémon cards, and was the coolest kid on the playground for all of one day. Unfortunately as you get older, being rich might not be as easy as finding a $20 bill on the ground.

How do you know when you are “adult rich”? Perhaps it is that moment where the cashier asks if you want to supersize it, and you answer yes with absolutely no hesitation. Others would say it may be the moment when you stop looking at your bank account before every purchase (hey look! I can afford a slurpee!). Once you have started earning some extra zeroes in your bank account, you may quickly find out that there are different levels of “rich”.

You can buy furniture without worrying about it? That’s wonderful, but this is not the type of rich we are talking about. Perhaps you will look at your bank account and realize that there is absolutely no way you can ever go through it. It is then, that you get to start looking at things that may be one of a kind. You stop concerning yourself with flying first class because you own the plane company itself. You truly become rich.

This is the stuff of excessive spending, sometimes just for the point of being excessive. When you get to start dropping over 100 million dollars on decorations without thinking about it, you realize that there is nothing of monetary value in this life that you cannot possess.

So what do you buy when you absolutely do not need to think about the cost? The short answer is whatever you want. The more enjoyable answer to what do you buy? Well, you are just going to have to read to find out.

10. Superyacht


What is something that separates the rich from the super rich? How big is your yacht? Oh what’s that? You don’t own a yacht? Oh….There gets to be a point where you realize you will never run out of money, so you may as well splurge on different types of transportation! Nothing can burn a hole in your never-emptying bank account like a beautiful yacht. For example, the biggest yacht in the world is set to cost over 1 billion USD. It will extend 728 feet long, 131 feet longer then the 2nd biggest yacht in the world. The “triple deuce” yacht will be set to be completed in 2018. The owner expects it to cost $20-30 million every year in general upkeep.

9. Exclusivity


One of the most fun things that someone can buy when they are “rich rich,” is items that are one of a kind. Whether it is sports, cars, exclusive paintings or otherwise, richness buys your ticket into that upper echelon of buying. It’s not the rich people always going after it, but having money certainly helps you be able to purchase some exclusive items. Say you want to be strolling down the street in a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO Racer? Not only is the car exceedingly rare, it was recently bought for $52 million.

8. A Tomb For Your Burial