Lisa Blunt Rochester Could Become the First Black Woman from Delaware to be Elected to Congress

Lisa Blunt Rochester could be a history maker, following her win in the Democratic primary for Delaware’s one and only seat in the House of Representatives. If she succeeds in winning the November election, then she is certain to be the first ever Black woman to represent Delaware in Congress.

Six candidates contended in the primary for the seat, but Blunt Rochester won overwhelmingly by receiving 44 percent of the vote. She is now getting ready for the election in November, pitting her against Libertarian Scott Gesty, Republican Hans Reigle, and Green Party’s Mark Joseph.

Blunt Rochester was praised by her opponents; as they acknowledged the great possibility of the Democratic nominee making history in Delaware.

“I’m excited for Lisa, for her supporters and for Delaware, a state that has embraced the kind of diversity that is important in politics. I’m also surprised that this wasn’t the close, two-person race that data had been showing. Our grassroots, door-to-door campaign simply got overpowered by TV and other ads.” One of her opponents, Bryan Townsend said.


It is understood that most of the residents in Delaware are Democratic, but that doesn’t mean Blunt Rochester is already seeing herself as the winner. She believes the hard work that was put in to get to the point she is at the moment, has to continue.

“We need to be sure we keep the broad-based coalition we worked with to get to this point,” she said.“What this campaign has shown is that we need to continue focusing on the issues, focusing on the voters and keep it positive.”

We are really happy to see a Black woman making such positive strides in politics. Having a bigger number of Black politicians, especially Women, would only be great for us; because only they understand the struggle the Black communities face. We wish Lisa Blunt Rochester all the best and hope she attains supreme success.


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