Lions Guarded This Little Ethiopian Girl From Kidnappers Until Rescuers Arrived

Still don’t believe in the human-animal connection? This story is sure to change your mind. That is, unless you believe that lions can’t tell the difference between a lion cub and a 12 year old girl.


A 12 year old girl in Ethiopia was abducted and beaten by seven men, who kidnapped her in an effort to force the little girl into marriage. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for young girls in Ethiopia to be kidnapped, raped, severely beaten, and forced into marriage. Fortunately for this young girl, three compassionate lions changed her fate.

It was reported that a group of lions chased off her captors after hearing her cries and stood guard until rescuers found her. The little girl was protected by the lions for about half a day. When rescuers arrived, the lions “left her like a gift and went back into the forest.”



Four of the seven men were convicted. As for the little girl, she was in shock and terrified by the kidnapping, but is grateful for the compassion that these animals showed her.

The little girl told the police that no harm was done to her by the lions, however some wildlife experts claim that the lions may have spared her because her crying could have sounded like the mewing of a lion cub. A game hunter claims that the lions were probably preparing to eat her, but were intercepted by the police.

What do you think?


Lions are awesome.

Ironically, the lion is Ethiopia’s national symbol and can be found on local currency as well as statues throughout the country.


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