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Lionel Messi’s Wedding: Here Is What Samuel Eto’o And Wife Give The Argentine Sensation As Gift!! – (Photo)

Georgette and Samuel Eto’o took part in the wedding of Lionel Messi which took place last Friday in Rosario in Argentina. Lionel Messi the super star of FC Barcelona will not forget immediately the beautiful gift that he received from Samuel Eto’o and his other teammates of barça on this occasion.

According to our colleagues of starafrica, the couple Eto’o has offered a large sum of money to Lionel Messi as a contribution to the running of the Leo Messi foundation.


It must be said that this gift is not a matter of chance. Lionel and Antonella asked that their guests simply make a donation to the Leo Messi Foundation, which helps disadvantaged children around the world.



Lionel Messi being one of the best players in the world and among the richest footballers on the planet, he would not really need the gifts for himself. That is why he felt he could receive financial support for his foundation as a gift. The aim is to help disadvantaged children. An idea that has been widely hailed by several observers and fans of Messi lionel.

Although the amounts were not disclosed, Eto’o, Ronaldinho, Puyol, Xavi, Deco, Fabregas and others, each made a financial offer for the Leo Messi Foundation. A gesture of great generosity which has not failed to be congratulated by the fans of all those big names who made the good days of FC Barcelona.


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