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Lionel Messi’s Brother, Matias Messi Wanted By Argentine Police

Matias Messi, the Argentinean striker’s older brother, Lionel Messi, is wanted by the Argentinean police after a gun was discovered in his boat, which according to the police had blood everywhere.


MailOnline reports that a 380-caliber pistol was found in the boat after Matias Messi informed a private fishing club security officer that he had injured his face following a collision with a sandbank.


Images of the boat smeared with blood were broadcast on Argentine TVs. According to Rosario’s newspaper, Matias Messi was driving the boat and hit a sandbar. He would suffer from fractures in the face.

Prosecutor Jose Luis Caterina has issued an arrest warrant against him and the police are still on his trail. The Messi family’s lawyer, Ignacio Carbone, denied the presence of a weapon on board. He said that Matias Messi had been admitted to a private clinic, Sanatorio del Parque, and that he would be operated on the jaw.

This is not the first time that Messi’s brother has trouble with Argentine justice. In 2016, the latter received a probation order after the discovery of a firearm in his car. In 2008, he was also arrested for illegally carrying firearms. In 2012, he escaped an assassination attempt.

This news comes days after Barcelona announced that Lionel Messi has signed a new contract with the club, a contract that will make him the highest paid player in the world with a salary of $ 667,000 per week.


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