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Lilian Ayuk Tabe Writes An Open Letter to Cameroon’s First Lady Chantal Biya

Lilian Ayuk Tabe the wife of the self-proclaimed president of the fictitious state of Ambazonia recently sent a message to the first lady of Cameroon. She seeks the support of Chantal Biya, so that she uses all her powers to convince her husband Paul Biya to release Ayuk Tabé from Kondengui prison, where he has been incarcerated for several months.

It was through an open letter that Lady Ayuk Tabe addressed Chantal Biya. The letter was sent to Chantal Biya on November 13th. The subject of the letter: ” A call to compassion: open letter to Chantal Biya “.

Lilian Ayuk Tabe, wife of leader Sissiku Ayuk Tabe has not gone to extremes to criticize Chantal Biya’s silence over military human rights violations in the northwest and southwest.

” Your silence is no longer acceptable. The lives of eight million South West Cameroonians and the fate of their leaders in prison are in your hands. The first lady gives the example to other women. It is not too late for you to send the message that the mothers of Cameroon will no longer tolerate this war. The women of southern Cameroon will applaud you and women around the world will celebrate . “

Lilian Ayuk Tabe painted a dark picture of the events taking place in the English-speaking regions. “The stench of death and desolation has invaded villages and cities. The depravity and senseless scorn of human life by the security forces is alarming. The security forces are carrying out extrajudicial killings of the population, the lives of our young active men are no more secure today than tomorrow and our young women are brutally raped by the security forces. The trauma and scars of death on the desolate eyes of our children who are savagely beaten by security forces with their parents have a painful impact characterized by nightmares among these young minds. Most of the indigenous population has been forced into the open forest exposed to the elements. Nursing mothers and women in the period have no choice but to use dead vegetation for their basic hygiene needs. It’s a terrible sight to see “She explains to Chantal Biya.

Through her missive, she hopes that the first Cameroonian lady will give a favorable response to her correspondence.


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